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The Heritage C Beach Club: A Glossary

Having recently been renovated, the legendary C Beach club on Mauritius’ southern coast now offers an inspired blend of gourmet treats and musical pleasures, activities, opportunities for relaxation – and, of course, a warm welcome. Here are a few words to describe the Heritage C Beach Club’s unique concept!

VLH tackles food waste

Thanks to a partnership with Mauritian company Foodwise, several VLH hotels are now actively addressing food waste. The project is a reflection of the group’s deep-seated commitment to sustainable development.

Events at Heritage Resorts: something for everyone

With its dynamism, organisational capacity and logistical muscle, Heritage Resorts lacks for nothing when it comes to creating and hosting memorable public and private events. Over the past several years, the estate has accommodated major corporations, high-profile golfers and kite surfers, Michelin-starred chefs and – most recently – wellness experts.

Veranda Resorts, earnestly Mauritian

Because spending a day at Veranda Resorts is akin to spending a day in Mauritius, we made sure to collaborate with entrepreneurs whose activities enable you to dive Deep into Mauritius. Participating in these activities is a way to get a taste of the authenticity that defines our identity, and to contribute directly to the local economy!

Heritage Le Château gives eating local a modern twist

With its recently inaugurated 17-acre vegetable garden, Heritage Le Château is literally going green. Frédéric Gille, its new director, is passionately committed to promoting local produce, and has invited us to discover the wonderful ingredients that grace the Château’s menu. Eating local and organic also benefits small producers, helps reduce your carbon footprint and is an opportunity to savour local delicacies. So go ahead, treat yourself… guilt-free!

Exploring Tamarin

When you explore Tamarin, you discover Mauritius. It’s a concentrate of different cultures, outdoor activities and nature, and is a must-see for anyone who wants an active holiday in the sun. Veranda Tamarin’s central location makes it easy to walk around, meet the locals and get a sense of the Mauritian lifestyle. Follow the guide!