British and German journalists dive #DeepIntoMauritius

At the beginning of this year, a dozen German bloggers and British journalists were offered an opportunity to discover Veranda Resorts’ establishments – and some of Mauritius’ many treasures – during a press trip packed with authentic discoveries and encounters.

In January 2020, Mauritian hotel group Veranda Resorts welcomed British journalists from prestigious media outlets including The London Economic, Lonely Planet, Bella and TNT Magazine. Then, in February 2020, a group of well-known German bloggers visited Mauritius to discover its charms and share their experiences on platforms including The Chill Report, Chic Choolee, The Midnight Blue Elephant and Patotra.

Mauritian culture

Veranda Resorts’ aim was to offer these correspondents a unique experience allowing them to discover Mauritius’ natural, cultural, and societal riches. Though it is often considered the ultimate romantic destination, the island is also ideal for independent travellers looking for an affordable stay; trips that often include vivid and authentic encounters with local people and traditions. These encounters are exactly what Veranda Resorts offers, and this unique proposition has certainly caught the media’s attention!

An authentic journey

Authentic guided tours in Mauritius

In addition to staying in the group’s various hotels, the writers explored Mauritius’ thousand and one faces through the activities that Veranda Resorts offers its clients. Cooking classes run by local chefs put Mauritian cuisine in the spotlight while guided tours allowed the writers to discover the capital’s street food specialities. They also shared a meal with local Mauritians around a communal table.

The press trip included excursions to discover the island’s unique heritage, including a pirogue trip with local fishermen, bike rides or walks around the villages adjacent to the group’s hotels (in Grand Baie, Tamarin, etc.), an introduction to local musical instruments, a stroll through the famous Quatre Bornes market… while some journalists were also introduced to the group’s community commitments via a visit to local NGO La Caze Lespwar for instance.

The writers sampled the group’s lifestyle activities, including lunch barefoot on the beach, cocktails at sunset at Veranda Tamarin’s rooftop bar, an introduction to coffee art and local Mo Kafé coffee (crafted specifically for Veranda Resorts), live concerts and catamaran trips. They also enjoyed sportier outings such as hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park and water activities (surfing lessons in Tamarin Bay and kayaking in the mangroves…) And finally, they were offered exquisite moments of relaxation in the group’s Seven Colours spas, which provide visitors with a holistic wellbeing experience.

The trip was an ideal opportunity for these journalists to dive #DeepIntoMauritius – and into the heart of Mauritian culture – with Veranda Resorts, and to immerse themselves in the authenticity that is hotel group’s greatest strength!

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