Veranda Resorts’ brand lifting is not only reflected in a new visual and colourful set-up, but also in the development of holiday activities in each of the four resorts. Guests are now invited to experience the soul of Mauritius, by exploring its traditions and art of living.

Building on its new signature, “Deep into Mauritius”, Veranda Resorts provides guests with the opportunity to write their own holiday story. Choosing among five concepts, they are invited to experience Mauritius differently – that is beyond the island’s typical postcard setting – and to immerse themselves into local culture while exploring the heart of the island.

Deep into the blue: Nautical pleasures for all

Stand-up paddle, kayak or snorkelling… according to your taste! Sea sports lovers will enjoy the multiple possibilities our irresistible lagoon offers and get a taste of 100% new nautical sensations.

Deep into flavours: Convergence of flavours

The keyword in Mauritian cuisine is… diversity! Veranda Resorts’ restaurants celebrate creole cuisine, while hotel chefs provide tips and recipes during their cooking classes, thus sharing the rich Mauritian culinary heritage.

Deep into culture: Mauritian art of living

To capture the spirit of Mauritian culture, one must taste local rum and dance sega to the rhythm of the ravane! Since these are local customs that make Mauritian people so proud, Veranda Resorts has made rum tasting and sega a key highlight and commits to sharing authentic pieces of Mauritian life with its guests!

Deep into tradition: Heritage transmission

Guests are invited to experience the soul of Mauritius, its open arms and generous heart… Veranda Resorts offers them the opportunity to sail with a fisherman on a pirogue to discover the rich and lively local fishing traditions.

Deep into Mauritius: Experiencing the soul of Mauritius

Exploring local villages is ideal to capture the subtle blend of tradition and modernism that reflects life in Mauritius. Veranda Resorts takes its guests on a journey where they will not only explore the region but also mingle with the local people, so friendly and happy to share their culture.

Building on 30 years of expertise in Mauritian art of living, Veranda Resorts promises to take its guests deeper into the heart of Mauritius. Four tropical cocoons with the Indian Ocean at the tips of the toes are awaiting couples and families alike, who seek the perfect mix between leisure and adventure, tradition and modernism, home-like comfort and exotic immersion.

Bright-coloured pictures, vivid typography and a self-defining tag line: “Deep into Mauritius – Every holiday has a story. Live yours.” Welcome to the new world of Veranda Resorts!

After a preview at the London WTM in November 2014 with the introduction of the Pop Up Moments, Veranda Resorts’ brand lifting was officially announced to travel industry members at the ITB Berlin Convention in March 2015. The decision was made to lift up both the group’s image and its offers in order to better convey its core values.

Veranda Resorts’ new identity focuses on Mauritian art of living through authentic and colourful experiences: boat trip on the turquoise lagoon, cooking classes with a dedicated chef, local rum tasting on the beach and romantic sundowner for two. Guests are invited to go deep into local traditions to experience the true island lifestyle and Mauritians’ legendary hospitality.

Deep into Mauritius!



“Stay still. Take the beauty all in. Cultivate silence. Float in the sea. Lie on the sand. Build sand castles. Run with waves. Laugh. Dance. Dream. Love. Discover. Take me there!”

The brand lifting advertising campaign presents the brand’s new signature: Deep into Mauritius. This main line is broken down into several variants: deep into the blue, deep into culture, deep into flavours… a fantastic agenda for exotic holidays across the world! Get away on a canoe, learn to play ravanne on the beach, try some water sports, taste fresh local food… All these delightful moments are captured in the campaign’s photo and video shoots and define the storyline of guests’ holidays at Veranda Resorts.

Furthermore, the campaign puts forward each of the four 3*+/4* resorts and their dazzling atmosphere: Veranda Pointe aux Biches and its relaxing environment; Veranda Paul & Virginie and its romantic setting and adults only concept; Veranda Palmar Beach and its seaside fun; and Veranda Grand Baie, an oasis amidst the vibrant coastal town of Grand Baie.

Veranda Resorts benefits from 30 years of expertise in Mauritian art of living. The brand lifting is an opportunity to refresh the group’s image in the traveller’s mind and to reaffirm its 100% Mauritian know-how.

Since last November, Veranda Resorts has introduced new activities to brighten up their guests’ stay: the Pop Up Moments. Coco’lidays is one of them. Hotel residents are invited to a delicious break where 100% Mauritian natural coconut water is served as refreshment.

Veranda Resorts catches the magic of a fleeting moment in its Pop Up Moments. Officially announced at the WTM in London last November, the Pop Up Moments revolve around a temporary décor set on each hotel beach. Guests take advantage of this unique setting to unwind, enjoy a romantic sundowner or dance to the rhythm of local live music…

When it comes to relaxing, Mauritian people got it right: the best way to cope with the summer heat is to indulge in a well-deserved refreshful break! Everyday, Veranda Resorts’ hotels invite their guest to refresh themselves and live to the moment with Coco Up. It is the ideal break to recharge batteries between two activities and relax at the end of the day!

The benefits of coconut water

Our partner Coco Up just cannot stop praising the benefits of this 100% natural drink! Coconut water has become particularly popular these days, not only because of its delicious taste, but also thanks to its various nutritional qualities. Rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary elements, coconut water is the new trendy health drink!



Indeed, coconut water has become the best friend of those who come on holidays for a detox cure. This low-sugar drink helps eliminate cellulite and adverse effects of alcohol and smoking. Thanks to its highly hydrating properties and high levels of potassium, it ensures optimal recovery after physical exercises.

Coco Up, a small local start-up, produces fresh coconut water, sorbet and chatini using natural methods. Veranda Resorts is proud to partner with this young industrious company, which contributes to spread the word about Mauritius as a land of talent and innovation.

The Domaine de Bel Ombre is the ideal spot for a variety of sports. Kitesurf, the latest trend in adventure sports, is one example. In partnership with KiteGlobing, Heritage Resorts allow guests to give it a try during their stay. Ready for a rush of adrenaline?


Bel Ombre – the ultimate Kite Spot

KiteGlobing, Heritage Resorts’ partner kitesurf school, is located near the C Beach Club. Facing turquoise waters and cradled by the sea breeze, this kite spot is ideal for beginners to get a smooth start and for regular riders to take off in a spin! Whether in the lagoon or in deep sea, the difference in tides and cross-shore winds makes it the ideal playground for all levels!

Managed by kite addicts, Kathrin Kühnert and Maxwell Ernest, the VDWS-certified school provides state-of-the-art equipment from the North brand to both trainees and experienced riders who have come to discover the region. They can hire the complete kite gear: kite (bar +), harness, board, shoes and helmet for 1 hour to up to ten days!


Kitesurf center – Kite Globing

Before reaching the expert level, one needs to practice. Kathrin and Max offer complete coaching to those looking to experience new sensations. Two hours of private or semi-private sessions ensure optimal learning, and each instructor is VDWS or IKO certified.

Heritage Resorts, the ideal choice for vibrant holidays!

Stand UP Paddle at Heritage Resorts

Stand UP Paddle at Heritage Resorts

Guests looking for extra excitement and thrills during their vacation will find in Heritage Resorts a whole range of sports infrastructures: a 18-hole championship golf course; Frederica Nature Reserve for those who enjoy treks and outdoors activities; and a stretch of water along a kilometre-long beach offering the possibility to practice all water sports, from stand up paddle to kitesurf!

The C Beach Club’s ideal location makes it “the” place to kite in the region! The wonderful beach, immense lagoon and cross-shore wind of Bel Ombre are the key factors to a truly sensational experience for all kitesurfers.

After several hours in the sea, guests can enjoy a swim in the C Beach Club’s pool or lounge in one of its sunbeds, love nests or four-posters for a well-deserved rest. The club also includes two restaurants, one bar, wireless connection and children’s playground.

Bel Ombre – The ultimate Kite Spot in Mauritius:

Guests at Heritage Resorts can take advantage of Heritage Golf Club’s offers to improve their swing during their vacation at the Domaine de Bel Ombre.

Attention to all golf fans! Wonderful landscapes, championship golf course and PGA certified instructor: the ideal conditions are met for you to advance your game. Heritage Golf Club offers customized packages to guests who wish to learn and improve their swing.

They can choose between initiation courses to try a new sport, one-hour sessions to emphasize on specific technical aspects or true golf vacation to fully live their passion, with an instructor at their side. There is a package for every need and taste.

Mathieu Millet is a golf instructor at Heritage Golf Club. Member of the French PGA, he holds a State pro license and has over eight years of experience including at the well-known Dominique Larretche and David Leadbetter academies. He is dedicated to helping guests improve their game.


Golf initiation courses for children at the Junior Academy.

Furthermore, weekly sessions are available to all amateur players: free practice for ranked players or a tour of the compact 9-hole course. The Junior Academy provides golf initiation courses for children between 6 and 14, introducing them to this demanding sport at a young age.

High quality infrastructures for a professional training

Heritage Golf Club offers the most incredible golf experience in the Indian Ocean based on its numerous technical assets. Rated as the best golf course in the Indian Ocean at the World Golf Awards 2014, it meets the expectations of golfers of all skill levels with an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole pitch & putt course ideal for junior players and beginners.

Designed by architect and ex-European Tour professional Peter Matkovich, Heritage Golf Course features amazing views on the lagoon and Frederica Nature Reserve. Set in the midst of luxuriant flora and prolific fauna, including protected bird species, deer, monkeys and wild boar, it will delight not only golf enthusiasts but nature lovers also.

This year, the Domaine de Bel Ombre, and most particularly the Heritage Golf Club, will be at the centre of an international golf event. The Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open, which will take place from May 7th to 10th, will bring together three of the major international tours – the Sunshine Tour, Asian Tour and European Tour – for the first time in golf history. It is a huge event to look forward to!

Introducing something special for the finest palates: the Gourmet Bliss package. Heritage Le Telfair has actually designed a special gourmet pass that will allow guests into a world of flavours.

The Domaine de Bel Ombre is the ideal place for a rich culinary journey. It has 12 restaurants in which Heritage Resorts’ guests can both experience Mauritian cuisine in all forms and enjoy the best of international food: Indian cuisine at the Zafarani, Mediterranean delights at the C Beach Club, Asian specialties at the Gin’ja…

Intimate dinner in a 19th-century guesthouse, family gathering in a French brasserie or eating bare-footed in the sand… Visitors will make the most of their gourmet escape in a totally relaxing environment. Drinks, including wine and champagne, are included in the package!

Exquisite vacations

With the Gourmet Bliss package, guests can indulge in the vast array of delicacies available at the Domaine at any time of the day. From breakfast to dinner, including snacks and lunchboxes, Heritage Le Telfair makes a point to offer its guests a unique experience in an exceptional environment.

Cooking is part of the Mauritian lifestyle and cultural wealth. With European, African and Asian influences, the local cuisine has evolved into a rich and unique blend. Gourmet Bliss was designed for Heritage Le Telfair’ guests to fully experience this highlight of Mauritian culture during their stay.

Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of international influences and ambiences in Heritage Resorts’ twelve restaurants: Annabella’s, Le Palmier and Gin’ja at Heritage Le Telfair; Balafon, Zafarani, Infinity Blue, Amafrooty & Boma at Heritage Awali; Heritage Golf’s Club House; Cyan and Coast beach restaurants at the C Beach Club; and the Château de Bel Ombre.

Everyone deserves holidays! While children and teenagers have fun, parents chill out. How about babies? For the total comfort of its guests, Heritage Resorts will have a kiddy club, as from November 2014, for the 0-2 year old children and unique services for toddlers when they are far from home!

With its “Baby Timomo” club, Heritage Resorts are the first hotels in Mauritius to offer a complementary and dedicated space for toddlers. Open 7/7 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, the club welcomes children under 24 months. A team of six nannies stands by, each one taking care of up to two babies at a time. They are all qualified in childcare and first aid, and committed to provide each child with personalised care and age-appropriate activities.

Awakening of the senses is one of Baby Timomo Club’s focuses: there are play mats and developmental games to stimulate their motor skills while respecting the natural growth rhythm of each infant. Parents’ instructions and recommendations will be strictly followed to ensure baby’s best possible experience.

Moreover, Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali both have a 24-hour Baby Corner close to the hotel’s living spaces, where parents can change and feed their babies. Specific baby products and facilities are available on site, such as cleansing lotions and home equipment for babies, so parents can pack-up light for trouble-free vacation.

Age-appropriate clubs

Whole range of activities for children

Children will enjoy a whole range of fun activities and learning games for holidays full of discoveries and good memories!

In addition to the baby dedicated space, the “Timomo & Friends” Kids Club has a “Mini Timomo” corner for children from 3 to 6, and a “Kids Timomo” corner for children from 7 to 11. Children will enjoy a whole range of fun activities and learning games for holidays full of discoveries and good memories!

Last but not least, teenagers from 12 to 17 have their own private space. Swimming pool, climbing wall, music instruments, pool table and various activities definitely make the Cool Teens Club a paradise for teens!

“Timomo & Friends”: an original concept

Timomo is the name that was chosen for Heritage Resorts’ Kids Club. A green bird with a yellow beak, Timomo represents a parakeet – an endangered bird species native to Mauritius.

Timomo is looking for a treasure which is found on the other side of the rainbow. Along his treasure hunt, he makes new friends. Together, they will help him in his quest, and Timomo eventually discovers that he already has the greatest treasures: a rainbow heart where love, friendship, respect and kindness prevail and shine a bright light!

Mauritian identity, sense of hospitality and the rainbow nation are conveyed through this concept. While sharing the cultural heritage of Timomo and his friends, the learn that differences create harmony, and that each one of them is unique and yet complementary to the “Timomo & friends” kids club.

Our young guests have an endless choice of distractions at the Domaine de Bel Ombre. Facilities in the luxury hotels and on the Domaine itself add up to 2500 hectares of leisure and pleasure. From special equipment to a dedicated and qualified team, everything is thought for the comfort and entertainment of our visiting families and to make sure they spend unforgettable holidays!

Christmas in Grand Baie

The end-of-year celebrations will be hot” or not! Veranda Resorts is preparing an exotic programme, ideal for guests who dream of a real change of scenery coupled with a festive atmosphere to close the year.

The holiday season will be definitely “hot” at Veranda Resorts. Combining traditional Christmas festival with Mauritian folklore, our hotels will delight their guests with idyllic tropical decors and convivial celebrations. There will be magic in the air!

Christmas in Grand Baie

Grand Baie is the typical coastal village that seethes with excitement as Christmas time draws near. Right in the middle of the festive vibes is the Veranda Grand Baie Hotel – the perfect place to truly live end-of-year celebrations the Mauritian way!

On Christmas Eve, guests will be invited to sit back and have a drink under the stars, in front of the splendid bay view, while enjoying living Nativity scenes and Christmas Carols, before they head to Mon Plaisir Restaurant for a generous Christmas buffet. On the 25th, a brunch will be served alongside Christmas presents distribution and a special prize draw.

Finally, those who wish to celebrate the New Year till the break of dawn will be pleased: on the 31st, there will be a beach cocktail with background music from a jazz band and an exceptional buffet at Mon Plaisir Restaurant, followed by a multicultural show, fireworks and dancing.

To add up to the season’s tropical feel, local fruity cocktails will be served everyday at Veranda Grand Baie, allowing guests to discover the great variety of exotic flavours available on our island!

Celebrating with your other half

A real love nest, Veranda Paul & Virginie offers couples a more intimate and ideally romantic setting to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Veranda Paul & Virginie - Ideally romantic setting to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Veranda Paul & Virginie – Ideally romantic setting to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

A very special programme will be put together for the very special guests of the hotel on Christmas Eve: gala dinner, background music, casual chic ambience… The evening programme will continue with a dancing party for those who wish to dance the night away. The next day, couples will meet at the Saint Géran – located on the beachfront – and relish in the restaurant’s beach-themed dishes in front of the beautiful ocean scenery.

New Year’s Eve will be celebrated on a very tropical note with a festive “La Faya” buffet, especially designed for the occasion, and a singing quartet. The dinner will be followed by fireworks and dancing.

Just like at Veranda Grand Baie Hotel, fruity, colourful and exotic cocktails will be served at Veranda Paul et Virginie for guests to discover typical flavours of the Mauritian culture.

Fiesta on the seaside

Ideally located on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Veranda Palmar Beach provides a lush seaside backdrop to those who are looking to end the year on a paradise cove.

Veranda Palmar Beach - Fiesta on the seaside

Veranda Palmar Beach – Fiesta on the seaside

The Christmas Eve programme will bring together tradition and exoticism to the delight of the hotel’s guests. It will start with living Nativity scenes and Christmas Carols, and continue with a sea-inspired buffet, the Kid’s Club Christmas show, live music and gifts distribution by Father Christmas. On the 25th, a special buffet will be served at the Regatta restaurant, featuring a live band and a Christmas show as well.

New Year’s Eve programme will highlight Mauritian culture with a tropical buffet at the Regatta restaurant and a special “culture of the islands” entertainment. It will be followed by fireworks and dancing to celebrate the New Year in style.

During the whole holiday season, Veranda Palmar Beach will indulge its guests with tropical treats: lemongrass ice-tea, tamarind juice, fresh fruit skewers… A delicious introduction to Mauritian flavours!

Relax and celebrate!

Veranda Pointe aux Biches provides guests with the opportunity to spend the last days of the year in a laid-back atmosphere, feet in the sand, to the rhythm of the islands.

Relax and celebrate at Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Relax and celebrate at Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Summer inspiration for the Christmas celebrations with a culinary journey at the Senses restaurant and music from a talented jazz quartet. The 25th programme will highlight the most popular island fruit: coconut! A major ingredient in Mauritian culture, coconut will be served in a variety of preparations all day through. This totally exotic touch will be the hallmark of a one-of-a-kind Christmas!

The hotel will host an typically Mauritian fiesta on New Year’s Eve, including sega dancing on the beach, flavourful buffet and – of course – a bright and inviting atmosphere!

As an extra treat, the hotel reserves its guests the daily tasting of local fruit in all forms: slices, juice, fruity tea or flavoured rum. Veranda Pointe aux Biches’ guests will discover a different fruit each day!

Veranda Resorts’ four 3-star + hotels offer to celebrate Christmas and the New Year differently: guests will discover the tropical pleasures of Mauritian summer in a warm atmosphere: seasonal fruit, exotic cocktails, sunny weather, powder white beaches and turquoise sea!

End of year celebrations at Heritage Resorts Mauritius

This year again, Heritage Resorts is preparing a rich and diverse program for its guests to finish the year on a high note and start 2015 in happiness and good mood. Let’s have a look at what’s coming up.

Especially designed by Heritage Resorts for the end-of-year celebrations, the “Delicious Christmas” concept puts forward the richness and originality of the Domaine de Bel Ombre’s culinary experiences. Those who choose the Mauritian summer to spend the holiday season will enjoy a great choice of festivals.


Cool and festive ambience at the C Beach Club

Cool and festive ambience at the C Beach Club

Cool and festive ambience at the C Beach Club

The C Beach Club will be at the heart of the festivities: its long white-sand beach and trendy setting are all you need to make your holidays in Mauritius memorable! It will host themed events such as a casual family Christmas lunch and buffet, coupled with several sport activities: petanque, beach-volley, water sports… So, get ready for a one-of-a-kind Christmas at the C Beach Club!

On the 24th of December, a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by our 3 chefs will be served at the C Beach Club and in our hotels’ main restaurants: the Annabella’s at Heritage Le Telfair and Le Balafon at Heritage Awali. This six-hand composed menu will leave a lasting impression in our odd-loving guests.

The C Beach Club is the place to be for those who like to party. To celebrate the New Year, the club will host an exciting “Tutti Frutti” themed dinner and party with a special DJ from Paris and a colourful “Fruitilicious” dress code. A traditional sega night around a campfire will take place on the beach, for those who like to dance under the moonlight, and the celebrations will last till the end of the holidays with the Splash Beach Party and its special guest DJ from Paris.


Tradition and elegance at the Château de Bel Ombre

Tradition and elegance at the Château de Bel Ombre

Tradition and elegance at the Château de Bel Ombre

For those who think holiday season and family tradition go hand in hand, the Château de Bel Ombre’s intimate setting and special program will allow them to share precious moments with their family or their partner. Heritage Resorts guests will be able to enjoy a traditional Christmas Eve dinner in the sumptuous décor of a 19th-century mansion, away from the seaside revelry.

Those who wish to pursue on an elegant note may appreciate the New-Year’s Eve gala dinner at the Château de Bel Ombre – a unique occasion to taste distinctive dishes prepared by Chef Ravi and his team, while enjoying live music.

Dress code: formal and chic!


Celebrations everywhere!

Timomo Kids Club

Timomo Kids Club

All provisions are made at Heritage Resorts to ensure every guest a fantastic stay. At the Timomo Kids Club, our young guests will decorate a Christmas tree, and on the 25th of December they will meet Father Christmas in the morning – a magical moment that will be forever engraved in their child heart. Teenagers will also have their own glorious time: the Cool Teens Clubs will throw a special dance party with DJ for them at Heritage Le Telfair.

Could you imagine Christmas without a Christmas market? From the 20th to the 27th of December, the Place du Moulin will be home to the “Ti Bazar”, which features a large choice of wonderful local handicrafts and gift ideas, as well as a children corner. It is a must for families who wish to experience the true spirit of Christmas!

The Domaine will host various activities to bring about new ways to celebrate: laugh therapy with Father Christmas for all families, manicure and nail decoration workshops to be ready to party down to the finger nails, and Delicious Christmas coconut-based treatments at the Seven Colours Spa.

The end-of-year celebrations are also an ideal occasion to put forward the local flavours and ingredients of the Domaine, as well as the famous tropical products in Mauritius. This is the right season to enjoy tropical fruit in abundance and indulge in rich and exotic tasting!

Heritage Resorts includes two 5-star hotels and luxury villas located on the Domaine de Bel Ombre. In addition to exciting facilities such as the Frederica Nature Reserve, the Heritage Golf Club and the C Beach Club, the Domaine gathers a total of 12 restaurants offering a great choice of local, international and fusion cuisine.

Newly upgraded Heritage Awali

From the rooms to the restaurants and spa, the strategic points of Heritage Awali five-star resort have been revisited this summer to meet guests’ wishes.

Refurnished in a more modern and streamlined style, with soft lighting and new decorative features, Heritage Awali’s rooms set the perfect environment for a relaxing and pleasurable holiday break. Walls painted in lighter hues reflect the seaside natural light, and the bedding was completely renewed for extra comfort. All these slight changes were made with the guests’ optimal and immediate comfort in mind.

New Deluxe Room beach front

New Deluxe Room beach front

Because our guests’ well-being is a key focus, the refurbishment of the hotel’s Seven Colours Spa was one of the major renovations. In addition to the new equipment and fresh look, the spa now boasts a more spacious and stylish lobby. A dedicated treatment room for children and a bridal preparation suite were added to the spa facilities.

At the kids’ spa, our young guests are introduced to a world of relaxation and experience deluxe treatments tailored to their needs. The bridal spa offers the bride-to-be and her ladies an exclusive area where they can pamper themselves and enjoy make-up, hairstyling, manicure and pedicure sessions. It also features a mini-bar for an ultimate private toast before the bride walks down the aisle.


Heritage Awali restaurants’ upgrades

Heritage Awali’s renovation was an opportunity to revisit the concept of two of the major hotel’s restaurants: the Zafarani and the Infinity Blue.

Zafarani, the new Indian restaurant

Zafarani, the new Indian restaurant

With a new name meaning “saffron” in Swahili, the Zafarani is an Indian restaurant inspired by the Holi Festival – a colorful celebration in honor of Hindu deities, Krishna and Kâm. Open for dinner only, this 38-seating restaurant is reserved for adults. Guests will be overwhelmed by the festive atmosphere and typically Indian decor. The Indian-born Chef treats his guests to culinary specialties of North-India, and the decorative elements and copper-brown metal dinner service are reminiscent of traditional Indian handcraft. New ways to appreciate the delicious Indian food are featured: the most curious will relish the Indian-style tapas the Chef prepares in front of them, while couples will enjoy the more intimate setting of the three poolside tables for a romantic dinner over the waters.

Infinity Blue restaurant and bar

The Infinity Blue Cocktail Bar

Major changes were made to the Infinity Blue beach restaurant to enhance the seaside look: while the furniture was replaced, the bar was moved to expand the restaurant’s capacity and offer a fuller view on the infinite turquoise lagoon. Tables for two were set on the waterfront for couples looking for an intimate dining spot. The Infinity Blue Cocktail Bar was moved further down the beach and built on the wooden deck extension to give the impression of standing above water at high tide. With its discreet yet elegant design, the bar is an ideal spot for relaxing at any time of the day. The final touch – and surely one of the most innovative – is the “swing corner” where guests are invited to share a happy meal on swings!

Infinity Blue restaurant and bar

Infinity Blue restaurant and bar

The visitors’ culinary experience and well-being are at the heart of Heritage Awali’s renovation. The idea is to provide guests with a delightful experience that constantly arouses their senses.