Thierry Montocchio VLH new CEO

Thierry Montocchio was appointed VLH’s new CEO on the 1st September 2019. In this interview, he outlines his far-reaching vision for the group and discusses the projects that are closest to his heart.

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Starred Chef David Toutain Curates Heritage Le Chateau Summer Menu

The Heritage mother brand encompasses a dozen restaurants spread across its two uber-luxurious hotels, Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali. There are cuisines and menus for every palate, whether vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous, or flexitarian. The particularity of Heritage Le Château is that it is set on the large estate of Bel Ombre and not inside one of our hotels. Recently the old colonial home underwent major restoration works by Perrot & Richard, the architecture firm that also restored the Sainte Chapelle, the Grand Palais and the Comédie Française. With the château being restored to its former glory, it only made sense to curate a summer menu that reflects the exquisite beauty of the Château.
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Our team our backbone

No man is an island, and Veranda Leisure and Hospitality is no exception. Hotels are bought and sold, re-branded and revamped, but at the root of every hard-to-pull-off triumph is something profoundly human, without which the quality of our hospitality would be hollow: our people. The people who power our hotels are the solid foundation upon which our values, behaviours and standards are built.
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Meet with Ravi Kanhye, the young and talented Chef

Ravi Kanhye isn’t yet forty and is already at the head of the five restaurants of Heritage Awali. The talented Chef, who has been awarded the prestigious title of Disciple d’Escoffier, managed to steal away from the hotel’s busy kitchen to discuss the ins and outs of the industry, what he eats when he’s off work and the use of technology in cooking today. Read more

Veranda Resorts Hotel Managers

Now that you are acquainted with the members of the VLH group’s Executive Team, we want you to meet the Hotel Managers of Veranda Resorts – a team of bright minds and dedicated leaders.
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Referred to as the “G7” in the hallways of the headquarters, the Executive Team of the Veranda Leisure & Hospitality group (VLH) gathers on a regular basis to strategise and ensure the teams carry out the group’s overall vision and objectives. Meet the dynamic and talented team behind the leading hotel and leisure group. Read more

Jacques Charles: a man of experience at the helm of Heritage Resorts

With a rich career in sales and marketing, hotel operations in business, vacation, city, beach or mountain resorts, Jacques Charles is a man of experience with a remarkable ability to adapt. Meet the COO of Heritage Resorts. Read more

Christophe Ramdiane, proud Hotel Manager of Heritage Awali

A record occupancy rate in 2015 and expected business increase this year: Christophe Ramdiane, Hotel Manager of Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, has much to be happy about. Meet the man who brings passion and innovation together at work.
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Five questions to Michel Frédric, Heritage Le Telfair - Hotel Manager

In an interview with Colours, Michel Frédric, the new Hotel Manager of Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, told us about his first impressions and the plans he has for the sumptuous five-star resort. Rencontre.

1. You have worked for many hotels across the world. What makes Mauritius so special?

Each destination is appealing in its own way, but Mauritius really inspires good living and hospitality, as well as a renewed authenticity since the last few years. I believe the chosen direction towards a greener island is a key asset that will support the country’s economic stability on the long term.

2. Which are Heritage Le Telfair’s major assets according to you?

After more than 15 years in Mauritius, I have discovered the South of the island, which holds an incredible potential of authenticity. Southern lifestyle has remained quite the same over the years. Being able to swim in the most preserved lagoons of the island in the morning, jump into a waterfall deep in the endemic forest, and play on one of the most spectacular golf courses in the Indian Ocean… that’s just part of the magic! But the main ingredient surely is the undeniable beauty of the hotel, set at the heart of this wonderful landscape.

3. With more than 25 years in the hospitality and gastronomy sector, how will you put your experience at work with respect to Heritage Le Telfair’s culinary offers?

Even if I have shifted to hotel management since the last few years, deep inside I still have a passion for gourmet cuisine, wine and culinary arts. We are the only resort on the island to offer more than 12 restaurants with strong concepts, including the Château de Bel Ombre offering typical Mauritian cuisine made from locally-grown ingredients, and Gin’ja Restaurant with its enormous sushi plates and interactive Tepanyaki experience. We will shortly open an Asian bar, based on the Asian street food and market concept; a salad bar under the coconut trees; and an ice-cream corner with home-made ice cream served alongside delicious freshly-made waffles.

4. Heritage Le Telfair has introduced new experiences at the end of 2015. What are the clients’ feedback?

The VIP tents have definitely been the most successful. They are now used as private dinner venues with musical background for special occasions. The nap in a little wooden shack by the river is a must, especially for nature lovers seeking an intimate place to rest. The “ronde culinaire” will be reviewed with new tasting menus, prepared by our Executive Chef, Thiery Gourdin, to offer guests an exciting gourmet journey at the heart of the Domaine.

5. What’s new in 2016 at Heritage Le Telfair?

A lovely 33-feet speed boat has joined our fleet to offer guests unique sea excursions with butler service and gourmet delights on-board. Other new offers will be based on: a wellness experience, combining pre-golf stretching exercises, yoga and paramedical care for professional golfers; a culinary journey, parts of which I have already presented; a totally revamped entertainment program with new shows and musicians.

Animated with a real passion for tourism and hospitality, and a strong urge to create and excel, Michel Frédric aims at providing a fabulous experience to every guest who will stop by Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort.

Jayraj Chuttooree has been Head Concierge at Heritage Le Telfair since 2008. His pursuit of excellence has led him to achieve the title of “Clefs d’Or” Concierge, a prestigious distinction in the luxury hotel circle.

The society of Clefs d’Or concierges has existed for 85 years and gathers some 4,000 members around the world. They wear a golden crossed keys pin on the two lapels of their uniform as a symbol of top-quality service recognized by the worldwide first-class hotels’ clientele. Such a distinction is not just an accomplishment but sets the start of a real human adventure for those who achieve it. It requires consistent professional and personal commitment – the kind that leads to excellence.

Jay Chuttooree has worked at Heritage Le Telfair for ten years. He started as a bell boy and was promoted to concierge after two years, then became Head Concierge. As such, he had the opportunity to attend many prestigious training courses, including one with the Ivor Spencer International School for Butler. Owing to his experience, he was urged by the hotel management, his family and clients to apply for membership at the Clefs d’Or Society. Always sensitive to his clients’ needs, Jay’s motto is to “make the impossible possible” for them!

Heritage Resorts aiming at excellence



To understand the importance of concierges, one must look back into the origins of the profession in the luxury hospitality context. Initially, concierges would gather a wealth of travelling information and advise visitors on any subject, in order to improve their stay. Today, since most information is available on the Internet, the concierge remains a key player in travel organisation and deals with airport pick-up, excursion bookings and additional services… At Heritage Le Telfair, it is important that guests fully enjoy their experience, leaving organisation details to our care.

Jayraj’s decoration brings great pride to Heritage Le Telfair. It actually reflects the hotel’s commitment to support its employees in their career and to deliver custom-made services to its guests, thereby ensuring them a hassle-free stay in Mauritius. Each hotel suite actually comes with a butler service for guests’ ultimate peace of mind.

Heritage Le Telfair is located on the 2500-hectare Domaine de Bel Ombre. Nestled on the unspoilt southern coast of Mauritius, between lush hills and turquoise lagoon, the Domaine is the ultimate combination of beach, nature, relaxation and adventure. This “Domaine of Experiences” offers truly authentic Mauritian moments for all.