Christophe Ramdiane, proud Hotel Manager of Heritage Awali

A record occupancy rate in 2015 and expected business increase this year: Christophe Ramdiane, Hotel Manager of Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, has much to be happy about. Meet the man who brings passion and innovation together at work.

You have been at the head of Heritage Awali for many years now. Which are the hotel’s major assets according to you?
I would definitely say a high quality welcome, the All Inclusive package, which includes the Kids’ Club, spa, golf, champagne, twelve-year old whisky, seven restaurants, three bars and a wide choice of experiences on an exceptional site nestled between sea and mountain.

How does your hotel reinvents itself and remains the best five-star all-inclusive hotel on the island?

When it comes to our guests, we must be able to put ourselves in their shoes to have a better understanding of and anticipate their needs. In this way, we constantly question and improve ourselves. From an internal perspective, it is about taking care of your hotel and keeping it in good shape so as to offer a product that meets the highest standards. Since we receive over 20 different nationalities every day, the staff must be mindful of the personalized welcome each client deserves.

How would you describe your relationship with your hotel guests?
Sound, convivial and thoughtful. I make myself available to every guest and get to meet them whenever they want to: at check-in, at the restaurant, at the bar, at the Kids’ Club, on the footpaths… I often play golf with regular clients, and I let them win on the 18th hole (laughs)!

What is your best souvenir as Heritage Awali’s Hotel Manager?
How proud our staff looks when we celebrate Christmas with their children. They are all so thrilled to show their working place to their kids.

Anything special you love about your job and that makes you lose sense of time?
Creativity and innovation… Letting your imagination flow to find ideas and solutions in order to improve both our guests and staff’s daily experience.

How do Heritage Resorts’ guests respond to the latest additions?
The Lovers’ Corner is a plain success and some guests even spend the night there! The Coco Shack delights rum amateurs with coconut-based cocktails and children with the famous “coco piké” (crushed ice sorbet).

Which experience best exemplifies the Mauritian art of living, according to you?
Definitely the Sunday seaside picnic, under the filao trees and to the sound of ravannes (local music instruments).

Anything new in 2016/2017?
From what I can recall, we have the renovation of the buffet, the extension of the Baby Club, new activities at the Kids’ Club including a picnic in Frederica Nature Reserve, movies on the beach for couples and families, feet-in-the-water breakfast, just to name a few.

A management scheme of Bel Ombre’s lagoon is also under way. How will it benefit your guests?
All ocean lovers will be treated to an exceptional visit to explore the underwater fauna and flora of the wild South in a peaceful environment. They will discover a great variety of fish and corals in all safety and without damaging the site, thanks to the creation of marine trails.

Picture yourself as a guest: what would your ideal day at Heritage Awali be like?
Breakfast on the waterfront at 7.00 in the company of singing birds; grilled vielle rouge* filet with lemon zest for lunch at the Infinity Blue; a nap on the beach; a Ti Punch at sunset; a one-hour spa treatment; pre-dinner cocktail at the Coco Shack; lobster for dinner on the beach; a barefoot walk on the beach to end this wonderful day.

*A local name for the Blacktip or Redbanded grouper