Since last November, Veranda Resorts has introduced new activities to brighten up their guests’ stay: the Pop Up Moments. Coco’lidays is one of them. Hotel residents are invited to a delicious break where 100% Mauritian natural coconut water is served as refreshment.

Veranda Resorts catches the magic of a fleeting moment in its Pop Up Moments. Officially announced at the WTM in London last November, the Pop Up Moments revolve around a temporary décor set on each hotel beach. Guests take advantage of this unique setting to unwind, enjoy a romantic sundowner or dance to the rhythm of local live music…

When it comes to relaxing, Mauritian people got it right: the best way to cope with the summer heat is to indulge in a well-deserved refreshful break! Everyday, Veranda Resorts’ hotels invite their guest to refresh themselves and live to the moment with Coco Up. It is the ideal break to recharge batteries between two activities and relax at the end of the day!

The benefits of coconut water

Our partner Coco Up just cannot stop praising the benefits of this 100% natural drink! Coconut water has become particularly popular these days, not only because of its delicious taste, but also thanks to its various nutritional qualities. Rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary elements, coconut water is the new trendy health drink!



Indeed, coconut water has become the best friend of those who come on holidays for a detox cure. This low-sugar drink helps eliminate cellulite and adverse effects of alcohol and smoking. Thanks to its highly hydrating properties and high levels of potassium, it ensures optimal recovery after physical exercises.

Coco Up, a small local start-up, produces fresh coconut water, sorbet and chatini using natural methods. Veranda Resorts is proud to partner with this young industrious company, which contributes to spread the word about Mauritius as a land of talent and innovation.