Footgolf et Junior Golf Academy au Heritage Golf Club

Really, Heritage Golf Club is second to none when it comes to wowing its clientele. The latest surprise has been the launch of footgolf, which is a combination of the two most popular sports in the world: football and golf!

Footgolf has been expanding worldwide since 2009 and is now available in Mauritius thanks to Heritage Golf Club’s decision to make it popular among Heritage Resorts’ hotel and villa residents.

While many have not heard much about footgolf yet, several federations have been created over the world, as in South-Africa, England, Argentina, the United States and France, and there have been Footgolf World Championships since 2012.

Therefore, Heritage Golf Club is proud to introduce this exciting discipline in Mauritius and to launch its Short Course, allowing both football and golf players to enjoy this new sport. The game is actually played solo or in teams with a size-5 football, on a 9-hole golf course; the holes are 55 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep. Rules are similar to that of golf. In as few shots as possible, the player must reach the target and kick the ball into the hole. As in golf games, dress code is sporty but smart. The traditional beret, Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks still apply!

This is the ideal sport for those who love football as much as the little white ball! Moreover, it is a smart option for team building, birthday parties with friends and family outings. A footgolf game surely bring its share of unforgettable moments!

Golf Academy for the 6-12

Golf Academy for the 6-12

What’s more at Heritage Golf Club is the opening of the Heritage Junior Golf Academy for 6 to 12 year-old kids. In this, Heritage Golf Club has partnered with SNAG (Starting New At Golf), an organisation promoting the most exciting, interative and fun way for children to learn the game.

Supported by Jack Nicklaus, a world-renowned professional golfer who works towards making golf accessible to children around the world, this initiative is most welcome in Mauritius! Heritage Golf Club offers free courses for children staying at Heritage Resorts, every Wednesday as from 11.30 am. Cheers for golf!