Empowering our guests with the latest technology Handy Smartphone

Modern travellers are used to managing their trips via their mobile phones, from checking-in on the go and finding their way around with Google maps to taking pictures and rating restaurants. Smartphones are now as indispensable as a good holiday read. Veranda Resorts enthusiastically brings the functionality of a smartphone to all its guests with Handy, the world’s first mobile operating system for the hospitality industry.

At Veranda Resorts, we are improving the experience of our clients by giving them access to advanced connectivity services such as unlimited internet, free local and international calls and informative, relevant content — all via a personalised smartphone. Each room in our five hotels in Mauritius is equipped with an elegant Handy Smartphone docked to an interface that is customised based on each hotel’s concept.


Unlimited internet access

Equipped with a 3G SIM card, Handy Smartphone allows guests to stay connected anywhere inside and outside the hotel where there’s 3G coverage. Our customers can now surf the internet for as long as they wish without worrying about data allowance or bandwidth. Users can download the apps of their preference — Facebook, Google Maps, Outlook, Gmail, web browsers, etc. – from Play Store, just like on a regular Android OS. So if a client happens to forget their mobile phone, Handy Smartphone has them covered.


Free local and international calls

Roaming costs is one of digital travellers’ biggest headaches. Handy at Veranda Resorts is a genuine solution to this inconvenience, with free and unlimited local and international calls to five destinations per hotel. France, the UK, and Germany are covered in all Veranda hotels. South Africa, Reunion, and Switzerland are some of the other destinations available. Our guests can now spontaneously share their Mauritian experience with friends and family without worrying about the hassle of buying the right local SIM card.


Useful information

Handy Smartphone is equipped with a rich menu and settings in 15 different languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, to name only a few), thoroughly catering to Veranda’s international clientele. The content covers fun activities and must-see attractions throughout Mauritius; it also offers interesting facts and tips about the island and listings of restaurants, bars, and clubs, giving our guests endless entertainment opportunities to choose from. With Handy Smartphone, Veranda Resorts’ clients are just a click away from finding the best leisure and relaxation activities for a wonderful stay in Mauritius.


Emergency numbers

To top it all off, Handy also includes emergency numbers and the hotels’ reception number in the menu’s Useful Numbers section, ensuring efficient and swift service to our guests. So, whether they want to request room service, clean towels or a wake-up call, Handy enables every demand to be handled effortlessly.

At Veranda Resorts, we have adopted this new technological solution to help us better understand and connect with our guests, and to continue to improve their experience with us day by day.


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