Heritage C Beach Club Mauritius

Having recently been renovated, the legendary C Beach club on Mauritius’ southern coast now offers an inspired blend of gourmet treats and musical pleasures, activities, opportunities for relaxation – and, of course, a warm welcome. Here are a few words to describe the Heritage C Beach Club’s unique concept!

A is for… Activities

Nautical activites at the boathouse of Heritage C Beach Club

Naturally enough, given its setting on the edge of a gorgeous azure lagoon, the Heritage C Beach Club offers a wide range of beach and water activities. At the Cabana boathouse, which is open daily from 9am to 5pm, a variety of leisure and sporting equipment is available: from windsurfs to lasers, kayaks, pedal boats, stand up paddles, snorkelling gear and even glass-bottomed boat rides. The Heritage C Beach Club is deeply committed to protecting the Bel Ombre lagoon and does not offer any activities that could potentially harm its coral.

Aquagym sessions are also held every day in the club’s large swimming pool (which also includes a children’s pool). The Club has partnered with the KiteGlobing kitesurfing school and a diving centre, both which are located on-site.

B is for… Bars

Trendy chill Bar with varied gin and rum based cocktails and smoothies

The Heritage C Beach Club’s mixology offer is varied and inventive, the better to tantalise its guests’ taste buds. The trendy Chill bar creates made-to-measure gin cocktails from a gin selection sourced from all over the world. Whether you like your gin bracing, smoky or classic, you’ll find something to enjoy on the menu! For its part, the Coast beach bar boasts a wooden deck set right on the sand, and serves up a delicious selection of smoothies and wine or rum-based cocktails.

C is for… Cellar

Wine cellar with wines from over the world

The unique and elegant Calanca rosé cellar is home to more than 700 bottles of wine from all over the world, more than 80% of which are rosé. Calanca stands out from traditional wine cellars thanks to its large bay windows that offer beautiful views of the vegetation that surrounds it, bringing the outside in. A truly exceptional setting in which to discover delicious new wines.

D is for… Décor

Trendy decor and atmosphere at Heritage C Beach Club

The C Beach Club’s Zen-inspired décor features neutral colours, natural materials and local handicrafts in form of thatched roofs, wooden tables, rattan chairs and decorative items made from ravenala, vacoas and bamboo… The atmosphere is trendy and exotic, and is particularly magical at sunset, when lanterns are lit on the beach.

E is for… Events

Perfect venue Corporate events weddings and privatised events

The Heritage C Beach Club offers live music every evening, while an orchestra performs every Saturday from 9pm onwards. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a drink with friends while listening to some great tunes. There’s more: the club regularly hosts major events (including the GKA Kite World Cup Mauritius festival and the Mauritius Wellness Festival), as well as open-air film screenings under the stars on Wednesday evenings.

F is for… Flavours

Cyan mediterranean restaurant

With a sunny cuisine dispensed from differently themed cooking stations, the Cyan restaurant offers a colourful and refreshing menu with a focus on fresh produce. From breakfast to dinner, and including snacks, tapas and sweet treats, the cooking stations’ open kitchens draw back the veil on a different facet of Mediterranean cuisine. At dinner time, the stations concoct specialties from a different cuisine every day of the week: Provençal, Greek, Asian, trattoria-style, seafood, Lebanese or Iberian.

L is for… Lifestyle

Lifestyle at Heritage C Beach Club Mauritius

While it’s elegant and trendy, the Heritage C Beach Club is also both epicurean and laid-back. Its various nooks have been designed to be warm and intimate while offering the best possible views of the sea. Set at the edge of the pool, a lounge area invites you to drink in the gorgeous ocean view. The Club’s warm, elegant and luminous décor allows guests of every age to enjoy a variety of atmospheres and feel at home, day or night.

M is for… Music

Heritage C Beach Club’s musical offer is eclectic and sophisticated: different playlists set the mood throughout the day and ensure guests enjoy a cosmopolitan and exciting atmosphere. When you spend the day at Heritage C Beach Club, you embark upon a musical journey that evolves harmoniously as the hours go (from nature sounds to lounge music or jazz, followed by chill beats, then percussion…).

N is for… Nature

Beach club surrounded by nature

Set on a long stretch of white sand beach in the heart of the Heritage Bel Ombre estate, Heritage C Beach Club is entirely surrounded by nature. In this exceptional setting, those in search of tranquillity can relax in deckchairs or loungers, or even under a tepee, all of which are artfully set out facing the protected Bel Ombre lagoon (which local NGO Reef Conservation considers one of the healthiest in Mauritius). Laze around barefoot on the sand and feast your eyes on the ocean beyond! Should you tire of the beach, you can always take a walk against the backdrop of the lush vegetation that surrounds the Club and the river that runs alongside it.

R is for… Relaxation

Beach experience

Every year, the Heritage C Beach Club offers its guests an opportunity to take part in the Indian Ocean’s largest wellness festival: the Mauritius Wellness Festival by Heritage Resorts. If you like the sound of new wellness discoveries, experiences and encounters with international experts, all in a magical setting, join us in May for the second edition of the Mauritius Wellness Festival by Heritage Resorts.

V is for… Village-Boutique
Located at the entrance of the Heritage C Beach, the village-boutique consists of beach stalls offering a range of locally-designed clothing and swimwear in trendy and exotic colours.

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