Château de Bel Ombre - A Grand Unveiling

A château is a thing of dreams – it is a treasure trove of ancestral discoveries and retains a powerful imprint of history. Built over two centuries ago, the enchanting Heritage Le Château draws its heritage from the long-lost colonial era. Today, it still stands imperially in its distinguished grandeur, amid French formal gardens, embarking travelers on a magical journey through time. The Château has been masterfully reimagined to faithfully restore it to its former Anglo-Indian glory and personifies an eclectic revival of timeless ideals.

Architecture begins with an idea – and the ingenious maestros behind this one are the architects at the highly-acclaimed French architecture firm Perrot & Richard. Specialized in resurrecting once-neglected historical buildings like the Banque de France or Palais Royal, they immediately saw a world of possibilities to transform the already-remarkable Château into a spectacular head-turner and they conscientiously devised a novel way to fuse contemporary forms into the Mauritian fabric, glorifying the island’s unique architectural footprint.


Heritage Le Chateau gardens

As you stroll across acres of exquisitely manicured gardens, Heritage Le Château feels like a world away from other well-trodden properties across the island, emanating a magical feel. Symmetry and geometry are at the heart of the design, and a main avenue lined with trimmed trees and punctuated with ponds leads to the Château. Several other bodies of water dot the gardens, adding a shimmering effect by reflecting the sky and the surroundings. Red, orange and yellow flowers bring vibrancy and beauty to the landscape.


Interior of Heritage Le Chateau

The decorative style restores the property to its unique character, skillfully injecting European elegance to the modern sensibility that embodies first-class service, while also going to greater lengths to cater to today’s discerning travelers. The interiors preserve nostalgic elements of the past, with refined 18th century wallpaper, rich carpets and elegant furniture setting the tone. Overall, the feel is luxurious, yet unpretentious; stylish, yet understated. Victorian-inspired chandeliers illuminate the delicate detailing, adding a touch of romance to the indulgent dinner experience that awaits you.


Heritage Le Chateau restaurant - gastromonie

Our Maitre d’hôtel warmly receives guests on the verandah, where they are instantly enamored of the sweeping views of the domaine’s sumptuous green surroundings, providing the perfect setting for an aperitif. After being presented with our extensive food menu, our sommelier brings his comprehensive knowledge of wines, recommending those that will best complement your meal. The views and ambiance almost play second fiddle to the exquisite cuisine, which draws on traditional Mauritian savoir-faire, while championing the authenticity of Heritage Bel Ombre’s finest produce. Our traditions are kept alive by our talented chefs, who strike the perfect balance between flavors, textures and colors. Diners are accompanied by a pianist as they feast on their multiple-course meals.


First floor of Heritage Le Chateau

The first floor, which houses The Apartment, is particularly used during the day and boasts all the details needed for tea-time, one of our favorite traditional British customs. The tinkle of teaspoons, a selection of finger food and a wonderful scenic view of the gardens conjure up images of British aristocracy and indulgence. The vintage setting is complete with delicate birdcages, whimsical teacups, an indoor garden with floral arrangements and a variety of potted plants. A neighbouring room also exhibits an impressive model that unveils Heritage Bel Ombre’s rich history.


Magnificent sunset seen from Heritage Le Chateau

Make your way to one of Mauritius’ most celebrates addresses for a gastronomic and enchanting journey, where elegance and sophistication come together to exemplify the inimitable Mauritian art de vivre. But above all, Heritage Le Château tells a story, one that leaves a lasting impression…