Introducing something special for the finest palates: the Gourmet Bliss package. Heritage Le Telfair has actually designed a special gourmet pass that will allow guests into a world of flavours.

The Domaine de Bel Ombre is the ideal place for a rich culinary journey. It has 12 restaurants in which Heritage Resorts’ guests can both experience Mauritian cuisine in all forms and enjoy the best of international food: Indian cuisine at the Zafarani, Mediterranean delights at the C Beach Club, Asian specialties at the Gin’ja…

Intimate dinner in a 19th-century guesthouse, family gathering in a French brasserie or eating bare-footed in the sand… Visitors will make the most of their gourmet escape in a totally relaxing environment. Drinks, including wine and champagne, are included in the package!

Exquisite vacations

With the Gourmet Bliss package, guests can indulge in the vast array of delicacies available at the Domaine at any time of the day. From breakfast to dinner, including snacks and lunchboxes, Heritage Le Telfair makes a point to offer its guests a unique experience in an exceptional environment.

Cooking is part of the Mauritian lifestyle and cultural wealth. With European, African and Asian influences, the local cuisine has evolved into a rich and unique blend. Gourmet Bliss was designed for Heritage Le Telfair’ guests to fully experience this highlight of Mauritian culture during their stay.

Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of international influences and ambiences in Heritage Resorts’ twelve restaurants: Annabella’s, Le Palmier and Gin’ja at Heritage Le Telfair; Balafon, Zafarani, Infinity Blue, Amafrooty & Boma at Heritage Awali; Heritage Golf’s Club House; Cyan and Coast beach restaurants at the C Beach Club; and the Château de Bel Ombre.