Heritage Resorts Anticipates Green Key Global Ecolabel

Heritage Resorts is intent on joining the 2,500 tourism establishments labelled Green Key, a point of reference in the hospitality industry for all things sustainable. Let’s talk a little more about the new eco-friendly measures we are taking.

Green Key is a reputable label awarded to tourism establishments committed to respecting the norms set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Being a Green Key holder is to vow that a client will have a positive impact on the environment if he books a room in your hotel as opposed to a competitor’s who doesn’t have the green key in hand. Rigorous documentation and frequent audits ensure the norms instituted in each of the Green Key establishments are respected.

Educate, Innovate, Grow, Cultivate

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Green Key emphasises communication to sensitize travellers to the measures taken by the establishment striving to be more respectful of Nature. The label makes sure the personnel of the establishment is well trained and in the know. It is about looking into new, sustainable ways of reducing our global ecological footprint, predominantly via new technologies. This challenging task can be accomplished by reducing waste as well as our energy and water consumption. These changes help establishments reduce their costs. As travellers become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, being awarded the Green Key adds value to your enterprise: The ecolabel is a major selling point.

Heritage Resorts Gives the Green Light

Endemic plants garden at Heritage Awali


Heritage Resorts has been committed to protecting the environment for a number of years and is gearing up to obtain the Green Key ecolabel. Some projects are under way while others have been completed. Here are some of the initiatives taken:

  • Lead an awareness campaign to sensitize our personnel about the best practices to adopt at work such as reducing energy consumption by turning off lights, air-conditioning and electronic devices.
  • Install additional water-conserving fixtures in clients’ rooms and communal spaces.
  • Create a compost zone at the Domaine de Bel Ombre to reduce food waste, and devise a food waste management plan.
  • Set up an organic vegetable garden and an endemic plant garden at Heritage Awali, and design a similar configuration for Heritage Le Telfair.
  • Collaborate with suppliers to ensure their practices are in line with Heritage Resorts’ politics, which is to favour the consumption of local produce.
  • Gradually replace all household products by certified, alternative, eco-friendly solutions.
  • Partner with local NGOs to raise public awareness of the issue of environment within our communities.
  • Collaborate with the local community (for instance, we run a program which aims to educate women from the Bel Ombre region and neighbouring villages so they may get a job working at the Villas Valriche.)

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