Heritage Resorts happenings 2017

The hotel industry is ever-evolving and Heritage Resorts is no exception. 2017 is off to a good start with plenty of new endeavours and novelty.
Here’s what’s up:

1. Tikulu at the Domaine de Bel Ombre

Tikulu at the Domaine de Bel Ombre

The Tikulu book collection for kids – illustrated by Henry Koombes and published by Vizavi, a local publishing company – is a big hit. Reef, a local NGO supported by Heritage Resorts via Rogers came up with an idea : to commission a special edition that narrates the adventures of Tikulu on the Domaine.

The comic book written by Claire Rose in collaboration with François Rogers and illustrated by Henry Koombes is now on bookshelves. The book tells the story of Tikulu as he discovers the biodiversity of his island, namely the Bel Ombre region. Along with his friends, he visits the Domaine’s key sites, such as Citronnier river, the Frédérica Nature Reserve and the beach. Together, they learn how to protect the lagoon, species and their natural habitat.

You may be wondering how this book will fit in with the hotel… Well, the story will be read aloud at the Timomo Kids Club coordinators; the book will be sold in the Heritage Resorts boutiques (it truly is the perfect gift to take home), and ultimately, the initiative reaffirms the hotel’s commitment to protecting the Bel Ombre lagoon and to support Mauritian artists and local talents.


2. Heritage Golf Club’s Golf Skate Caddies

The Heritage Golf Club is always coming up with some novelties… First the Footgolf and Junior Golf Academy, and now the Golf Skate Caddy. The Indian Ocean’s best golf course tells you about its latest game-changer:

What exactly is a Golf Skate Caddie? The Golf Skate Caddy is a new means of transport that will change your game. The vehicle, fit for one person, isn’t as damaging for the greens as regular golf carts, players don’t tire as easily and less time is spent getting from one hole to the next (it’s also just really fun).

For instance, instead of having to drive to every player’s ball, each player can skate to his or her ball and focus on the game. Game time is sped by 25 %.
Renting a Golf Skate Caddie isn’t as costly. If there are three players, two can use a cart and the third, a Skate Caddie. Ditto for a group of five: four players can rent a cart and the fifth, a Skate Caddie.


3. Breakfast at the C Beach Club

Breakfast at the C Beach Club, Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Residents of the Heritage the Villas can now enjoy breakfast in the C Beach Club’s gorgeous setting. A lavish continental breakfast buffet, tables set outside, a marvelous vista and tranquility provide the ideal setting to start one’s day right. Residents can go for breakfast from 7am to 10am by golf cart or using our shuttle service.


4. Heritage Awali presents Kuzini

Kuzini restaurant at Heritage Awali

One thing was missing from the Domaine de Bel Ombre’s culinary offer : a great Italian restaurant. Kuzini is located at Heritage Awali, next to Savana, and is open from 7pm to 10pm six days a week and has 38 seatings. On the menu: pasta dishes, carpaccio, risotto, tartare, seafood cooked Italian-style and other specialties from various regions of Italy.


5. Le Telfair’s newly renovated kids club

Babies, kid and teens programme, Le telfair

The Timomo kids club has reopened to the delight of our youngest residents. The kids club was revamped to offer even more comfort and fun for the little ones. A pirogue, a traditional wooden boat, has been turned into a “tree house” and a dining space has been added with a buffet for dinner and an a la carte menu for lunch. There is also an outdoor cinema and a park for babies and youngsters age 3 months to 3 years. Timomo offers cooking workshops now too!


6. Heritage Le Telfair gets a makeover

Heritage Le Telfair- Small Luxury Hotel of the World

General announcement: Heritage Le Telfair will close for renovation, from May 15th to September 1st, 2017. The idea is to better the hotel’s services through staff training, renovation work and the renewal of the rooms and services offered.

The program, “Luxury & Elegance Service and Attitude,” is designed to train 400 frontliners on grooming, customer service, eloquence, the art of elegant service and an array of other skills.

The hotel plans to implement 80 new customer experiences and train 72 champions to develop new abilities through specialized training (Thai cooking, sommelier, maître d’ etc.) Around twenty heads of departments will be asked to coach their employees with regards to the “Culture Change Program,” which aspires to implement a new workplace culture.

On the other hand, the renovated infrastructures will include communal spaces and rooms and suites in order to highlight the hotel’s unique architecture and retain its charm. The rooms will be redesigned to convey an exclusive, luxurious feel.