Jacques Charles: a man of experience at the helm of Heritage Resorts

With a rich career in sales and marketing, hotel operations in business, vacation, city, beach or mountain resorts, Jacques Charles is a man of experience with a remarkable ability to adapt. Meet the COO of Heritage Resorts.

Jacques Charles first joined Heritage Resorts as the Mauritian five-star hotel’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) in 2015. After one year in this position, he gives a very positive review of the four profit centres he manages: “The golf clientele is growing consistently, occupancy rates in both Heritage Resorts’ hotels have reached record levels, and our villas have seen a steady progression in occupancy too.” He attributes such a great success to the teams’ professionalism, complementarity and team spirit.

When he is asked to name Heritage Resorts’ three greatest assets, Jacques Charles answers:”

  1. The geographic location and the unique landscape between sea and hills, which induces a sense of infinity.
  2.  The exceptional offer that ranges from two luxury hotels and private villas to 12 restaurants and a wide choice of activities.
  3. The tremendous potential for development on this site, most particularly the opening of another golf expected in 2018 and new villas, with continuous respect for the environment.”

Heritage Golf Club


And if Heritage Resorts was a life philosophy? “The new generation of travellers today is looking to travel to places with a philosophy of life. They want to escape daily worries, stressful city life, pressures and constraints. Heritage Resorts has what it takes to meet their expectations: a fantastic setting, which offers plenty of space and serenity; a complete wellness experience through fitness centres and spas; breath-taking nature spots – including a 1,300-hectare nature reserve – to unwind and heal,” explains Jacques Charles.

As the COO of Heritage Resorts, Jacques Charles faces daily challenges. However, he confesses that one of the most difficult challenges occurs when a client has an idea of the resort that does not match reality: “When clients are disappointed, we need to find quick solutions to make it up to them, first through communication. Then, we manage to find different ways to indulge them, by suggesting leisure activities that would please them the most or surprising them with little attentions.”

Domaine de Bel Ombre


In our age of modern technology, digital travellers represent 10 to 15% of Heritage Resorts’ clientele and their number is increasing. “It’s a key segment for the future, which deserves much of our time and resources. Actually, the brand is widely active on social networks, and this creates a bridge to existing and prospective clients. Our teams are very knowledgeable of what is happening on the online market, with regards to user behaviour, trends, prices, etc.”, underlines Jacques Charles.

This man of experience and practice would never mind switching places with his employees for one day, especially to operate as a Beach Boy. “The Beach Boy’s job involves a lot of communication with people, and I like that. He enjoys privileged contact with guests since he meets them when they are completely relaxed – the perfect time to get messages across and also to dig out some information. And most of all, I just love the lagoon and the open air,” he concludes with a large smile.