Jayraj Chuttooree has been Head Concierge at Heritage Le Telfair since 2008. His pursuit of excellence has led him to achieve the title of “Clefs d’Or” Concierge, a prestigious distinction in the luxury hotel circle.

The society of Clefs d’Or concierges has existed for 85 years and gathers some 4,000 members around the world. They wear a golden crossed keys pin on the two lapels of their uniform as a symbol of top-quality service recognized by the worldwide first-class hotels’ clientele. Such a distinction is not just an accomplishment but sets the start of a real human adventure for those who achieve it. It requires consistent professional and personal commitment – the kind that leads to excellence.

Jay Chuttooree has worked at Heritage Le Telfair for ten years. He started as a bell boy and was promoted to concierge after two years, then became Head Concierge. As such, he had the opportunity to attend many prestigious training courses, including one with the Ivor Spencer International School for Butler. Owing to his experience, he was urged by the hotel management, his family and clients to apply for membership at the Clefs d’Or Society. Always sensitive to his clients’ needs, Jay’s motto is to “make the impossible possible” for them!

Heritage Resorts aiming at excellence



To understand the importance of concierges, one must look back into the origins of the profession in the luxury hospitality context. Initially, concierges would gather a wealth of travelling information and advise visitors on any subject, in order to improve their stay. Today, since most information is available on the Internet, the concierge remains a key player in travel organisation and deals with airport pick-up, excursion bookings and additional services… At Heritage Le Telfair, it is important that guests fully enjoy their experience, leaving organisation details to our care.

Jayraj’s decoration brings great pride to Heritage Le Telfair. It actually reflects the hotel’s commitment to support its employees in their career and to deliver custom-made services to its guests, thereby ensuring them a hassle-free stay in Mauritius. Each hotel suite actually comes with a butler service for guests’ ultimate peace of mind.

Heritage Le Telfair is located on the 2500-hectare Domaine de Bel Ombre. Nestled on the unspoilt southern coast of Mauritius, between lush hills and turquoise lagoon, the Domaine is the ultimate combination of beach, nature, relaxation and adventure. This “Domaine of Experiences” offers truly authentic Mauritian moments for all.

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