Mathieu Gossard wellness guru

You may not have heard about him (yet), but this young French osteopath joined the Heritage Le Telfair team in early September. His goal? Make this five-star hotel the ultimate wellness destination. Meet Matthieu Gossart.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Matthieu Gossart. I’m 29 years old, and have taken over the position of Wellness Experience Coordinator & Osteopath at Heritage Le Telfair.

Tell us about your career path…
I studied osteopathy for five years at the Collège Ostéopathique Sutherland in Paris, then worked in a multidisciplinary medical practice in the north of France for another six years. It is a large practice where numerous practitioners from various disciplines work alongside each other.

How did you go from osteopathy to wellness?
I worked alongside surgeons, sophrologists, chiropodists and countless other specialists in the practice in France. I came to realize that osteopathy is no more than a fragment of what we call Wellness, and that if I wanted to adopt a holistic approach with my clients, I needed to consider a number of elements. This is why I chose to add another dimension to my practice, whether it is breathing techniques, meditation or nutrition. I also took a course in magnetic therapy and psychology.

From France to Mauritius…
I pursued the baccalaureat, university and my first job without taking a break. I was working 12 hours per day and needed to step back, so I travelled to Madagascar for a six-month humanitarian aid mission. When an opportunity arose in Mauritius, the timing felt right. Not to mention, the country lends itself to wellness with its warm people, gorgeous natural surroundings and splendid hotels like the Heritage Le Telfair who pamper their clientele.

What exactly does a Wellness Coordinator do?
I’m here to create a comprehensive and coherent concept that aims to make Heritage Le Telfair the ultimate wellness destination. The idea is that the hotel’s clients can come on a retreat and return home feeling rested, reinvigorated, but also with the tools in hand to live healthier lives.

What is being done?
The surrounding nature, spa, fitness center, nature reserve and Wellness Breaks are ideal for a health hideaway. We have also added three new treatments to the extensive spa menu, stretching, core strengthening, walking with the resistance of the sea, fitness classes and jogging as well as “Forest Bathing” and our “Wellness Walk,” both of which occur within the nature reserve. When it comes to eating clean, you may feast on an organic breakfast at Annabella’s and lean for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and unprocessed alternatives in all of our restaurants. We even have healthy cocktails on our drinks menu! Two Wellness Breaks are scheduled in January and March 2017.

What does the future hold?
We have designed three new packages, available shortly: the “Complete Wellness Experience,” a five-day holistic approach to well-being, the “Discovery Wellness Experience,” a three-day initiation, and the “Body Cure Wellness Experience,” a retreat that focuses on getting into shape. We intend to develop a program that is specific to golfers, and add to our collection of packages by collaborating with health industry professionals from here and abroad.

Is Wellness a fad that is meant to stay?
I not only believe that it is a fad that will last, but that it will also attract an increasing number of people. Hectic lives are giving rise to ways of dealing with stress and anxiety in our day to day lives. People want to feel good; they want to be happy. Heritage Le Telfair is setting the trend in Mauritius with its Yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. There will soon be Reiki, Shiatsu and Watsu courses as well, and hopefully even a 200m2 wellness pavilion next year.

For more information on Heritage Le Telfair wellness retreats, click here.

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    Fantastic news!! I am travel agent who specialises in wellness holidays and retreats and I am always looking out for hotels that offer this type of holiday. Will be adding you to my portfolio

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