Veranda Resorts Hotel Managers

Now that you are acquainted with the members of the VLH group’s Executive Team, we want you to meet the Hotel Managers of Veranda Resorts – a team of bright minds and dedicated leaders.

Jean-Marie Chinnapen – Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel

JeanMarie Chinnapen - Hotel Manager Veranda Palmar Beach

The tourist industry is booming when Jean-Marie Chinnapen’s career takes off at the Chaland hotel (known as the Shandrani today.) He works there for six years, shifting between the various departments. He then travels to Bagdad in Irak where he works as Reservations Manager at the Méridien International.

He returns to Mauritius in 1988, at the age of 29, and joins the Veranda Resorts team, back when Veranda Grand Baie was still known as Veranda Bungalow Village. He holds the positions of Room Division Manager at Veranda Grand Baie and Veranda Pointe aux Biches then as Hotel Manager of Veranda Palmar Beach in 2011.

Hospitality is, without a doubt, Jean-Marie’s calling. After 30 years in the industry, he points out the importance of dabbling in the many facets of the trade in order to build upon strong foundations and learn to be rigorous and unshakable. As Hotel Manager, his approach is to be close to his team to strive to achieve a common goal.


Clifford Pierre-Louis – Veranda Pointe aux Biches Hotel

Clifford Pierre Louis - Hotel Manager Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Clifford Pierre-Louis first catches a glimpse of the hospitality world when he is still just a kid. He was in the habit of bringing lunch to his father, one of Veranda Resorts’ first employees. This first peep of a strange new world drives him to work as a Trainee Waiter at the Novotel Grand Gaube, before receiving a CAP in food and catering. He travels to the Comoros to work as a Maître d’ at the Galawa Beach Resort, a Sun Resorts hotel.

He returns home, to Mauritius, and joins the group, Beachcomber, before taking off again – this time to the Seychelles where he makes his way up: Restaurant Manager, Assistant F&B, and F&B Manager. Again he returns to Mauritius for the opening of the timeless Labourdonnais, first as Restaurant Manager and then as F&B Manager. He takes on the position of F&B Manager at the prestigious Le Prince Maurice and in 2001, joins VLH as Hotel Manager of Veranda Palmar Beach.

Clifford has great interpersonal skills and a sense of affairs. He firmly believes in open-mindedness and cultural exchange, a belief that is reflected in his relations with clients, with whom he maintains strong friendships. The same goes for his team, of which he is admiring and grateful. He strives to build solid, lasting relationships based on respect and trust.


Vikash Dawoo – Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa

Vikash Dawoo - Hotel Manager Veranda Grand Baie

Vikash makes his debut in the hotel industry as a young trainee during his school holidays. He discovers a realm where determined, passionate people work hard, and catches on. After a training program in Catering at the Ecole Hôtelière, he becomes Maître d’Hôtel at the Sofitel. He spends three more years training to be a Hotel Manager, again at the Ecole Hôtelière.

His career takes off: he goes from being Service Manager at the Sofitel to Assistant F&B at the Legends to F&B Manager at the Sofitel and Méridien, Starwood hotels. He then packs his suitcases and flies off to Bangkok where he joins the Accor group as Executive Assistant Manager at the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel. He is promoted to Acting General Manager and in 2014, he becomes the Hotel Manager of Veranda Grand Baie.

For Vikash, a great hotel manager understands all the steps it takes for a hotel to run smoothly. From the front office to sales, from the kitchens to finances, Vikash has worked in the various departments. He is transparent in how he runs his hotel and advocates coaching and training programs for his team, which he considers to be a hotel’s biggest asset.


Jennifer Wong – Veranda Paul et Virginie Hotel & Spa

Jennifer Wong - Hotel Manager Veranda Paul et Virginie

Jennifer’s first experience in the hotel industry was as an “extra” at the mini-club (Beachcomber) during her school holidays. She loves it and for the next two years, works in the different departments. She goes to university in Scotland and graduates with a degree in Business Administration.

A Rodrigues native, Jennifer helps her family open a guesthouse before returning to Mauritius where she is number two at Veranda Paul et Virginie. After three years of hands-on experience in Mauritius, Hong Kong and Dubai, she heads Veranda Paul & Virginie. She works for some time at Veranda Grand Baie before returning to the Paul et Virginie in 2014 as Hotel Manager.

Besides her interpersonal skills, Jennifer’s forte is her enterprise and meticulous attention to detail. Her leadership blends conviviality and rigor and she is particularly attentive to her clients, with whom there is an enriching cultural exchange.

Keeping clients happy and having a hotel that runs smoothly… these are the priorities for our hotel managers!