Our team our backbone

No man is an island, and Veranda Leisure and Hospitality is no exception. Hotels are bought and sold, re-branded and revamped, but at the root of every hard-to-pull-off triumph is something profoundly human, without which the quality of our hospitality would be hollow: our people. The people who power our hotels are the solid foundation upon which our values, behaviours and standards are built.

Our new team members ideologies and ethics trickle from the top down, empowering other employees to make a difference to our brand. Meet those who spur innovation in our resorts, and find out how they do it.


Armelle Duval – Villa Manager at Heritage The Villas

Armelle Duval - Villa Manager at Heritage The Villas

Armelle is the new Villa Manager. She brings almost a decade of experience to this role, most recently at Azuri Residences, prior to which she wore all the possible hats of the hospitality industry: F&B, Marketing and even a short stint as a General Manager. Today, she is responsible for offering a bespoke, unique experience to all her guests and she is relentless in her pursuit for excellence. While part of her role is guest-facing, a large portion of her duties is performed behind the scenes, with a team of 60. She believes that her people skills and inherent warm nature will allow her to build a powerful team spirit through regular brainstorming sessions and open communication.


Riad Peerbux – Executive Chef at Heritage Le Château and Heritage C Beach Club

Riaad Peerbux - Executive Chef at Château de Bel Ombre & C Beach Club

Riad’s appointment as Executive Chef comes with almost two decades of culinary experience under his belt. He draws inspiration from his travels in the UK and Seychelles to bring a variety of inventive flavours, textures and technique to the table. He strongly believes that memorable dishes begin with a unique blend of flavours. Wherever possible, his food reflects local and seasonal ingredients, making use of the bountiful supply of fresh food available at Heritage Bel Ombre.

His vision for Heritage Le Château is to position it as a not-to-be-missed jewel in the south of Mauritius, and a world-class destination for unpretentious, yet extremely refined dining.


Clothilde Lefébure – Leisure & Events Manager at Heritage Bel Ombre

 Clothilde Lefébure - Leisure & Events Manager at Domaine de Bel Ombre

Clothilde’s working days are filled with creativity, challenges and adrenaline, aspects that she thrives on. Having lived in Europe for over 15 years, she developed an approachable personality that allows her to effectively deal with demanding clients and constantly push herself to come up with new concepts. In an environment where things are ever-exciting and can go awry at the drop of a hat, her innate ability to move with the tide helps her resolve problems with creativity. Her zest, passion, “Steve Jobs-like” attention to detail capacity to strike a chord with everyone she meets make all the difference in building lasting relationships with clients and with her team.


Ejilly Kaully – Spa Manager at Veranda Paul et Virginie

Ejilly Kaully - Spa Manager at Veranda Paul et Virginie

Ejilly understands that her role gives her the unique opportunity of transforming a guest’s experience in an hour – and sees to it that the spa she manages at Veranda Paul et Virginie just does that. As someone who began her journey with Seven Colours Spa a decade ago, she is well-acquainted with and passionate about the products used for the treatments. With a strong grasp of multi-tasking skills to deal with her clients, Ejilly is set to design a guest experience that is unparalleled.


Kelley Moothen – Executive Chef at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort

Kelley Moothen - Executive Chef at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort

Kelley’s exceptional journey in the culinary world traces its roots in 1988, when he worked as a butcher for the renowned St Géran. His position as an Executive Chef today represents a challenging opportunity, one that he intends to fulfill by instilling a style of his own. With a unique perception for detail, he explores the creative potential of cooking by imbuing unexpected dimensions to his food. Above all, he is a strong believer in conceiving a team in which each player is equally important in achieving incredible results. He visualizes Heritage Le Telfair as a destination that exemplifies Mauritius’ rich cultural heritage with elegance, sophistication and uniqueness.


Natasha Booluck – Human Resource Coordinator at Veranda Grand Baie


Natacha Booluck - Human Resource Manager at Veranda Grand Baie

As an important pillar that is responsible for hiring and managing the right people, our HR department plays a vital role. Natasha has filled in the HR Coordinator position at Veranda Grand Baie, bringing with her years of experience in the hospitality industry, in Mauritius and in Egypt. On a typical day, she juggles multiple tasks, people and deadlines. Luckily, her self-discipline and strong ethical standards ensure that she accomplishes her tasks quickly, and with a high level of discretion. She values the power of communication, and fully uses it to listen to the concerns of all employees in the organisation and to diffuse tense situations with ease. When it comes down to it, HR is about people: she uses her ability to connect with her team to give each employee a chance to operate in the frame of their strengths.