Rebalance your energy and chakras with Reiki

Bathed in light and caressed by a light breeze, Heritage Le Telfair’s Reiki studio is a haven of peace. Ketan, the resort’s smiling, soft-spoken Reiki Master, invites you to take a seat. He begins the session by assessing your chakras to detect any energy imbalances that need rectifying.


Reiki is a Japanese energy practice developed by Mikao Usui in 1922. The term “Reiki” brings together the words for “spirit” (rei) and “energy” (ki). This profoundly holistic approach to the body and wellbeing combines the benefits of meditation with a therapeutic handling of the chakras (meaning “wheels” in Sanskrit). According to the principles of Reiki, energy should flow freely between these wheels, which are sited at the intersections between the energy channels in your body. Each chakra is linked to a particular part of your body and to a set of emotions. When the energy flow through a chakra is out of balance, it therefore affects both the body and the mind.


Reiki Master in Mauritius Ketan

The main principles of Reiki are universal, but each Reiki Master relies on a particular set of tools when he or she practices. Ketan specialises in rebalancing the seven main chakras. He bases his practice on methods derived from Karmic Reiki, the use of crystals, shamanic healing and dowsing (the use of a divining rod). “I allow myself to be guided by energy flows, and I try to understand the root cause of my patient’s ailments in order to treat the origin of the problem rather than its symptoms,” he explains. It can take several sessions to rebalance a patient’s chakras, especially if the imbalance is a recurring issue.


Ketan is not your typical Reiki Master: he previously worked in freight transport before finding his calling. He benefitted from Reiki as a child and has immersed himself in his personal practice ever since. His occupation requires daily discipline: every morning, before going to work, he assesses and cares for his own energy alignment. He explains that “only by committing to my own spiritual routine can I feel and channel my patients’ vital energy. When it comes to putting things in order, charity begins at home!”


Whether you swear by Reiki or are simply intrigued by the practice, the benefits of a session are undeniable: you enter a meditative state, experience deep relaxation, gain awareness of your own physical and psychological suffering and share these issues with your Reiki Master in complete confidentiality. And ideally, you identify the causes of your symptoms and how best to address them. If you want to nourish your body and mind, book with Ketan now!


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