Services you’ll love at Heritage Resorts

Inventive matchboxes, pens, pretty stationery, miniature designer toiletries… These are just some of the things hotel aficionados collect. In a way they constitute memories of fabulous holidays spent on the Mediterranean coast, in Indonesian jungles and in bustling cities. A glance at the logo on the pen conjures up the things we love about hotels. Who can resist reaching into the mini-bar? Why is it that the candy bar tastes so much better when you’re wrapped in a cozy bathrobe? How many places can you think of that don’t have lines at the check-in? Is there a greater luxury than being able to order breakfast late into the night? Who doesn’t love the sound of Room Service knocking on your door? Simply put, we love hotels (there’s a reason #robelife is so popular on Instagram). At Heritage Resorts, great service is a given. Here are just a few of the services we promise you’ll love.

1. Cooking Ateliers

Cooking lessons at Heritage Resorts

Learn the basics of Mauritian cuisine alongside the Chef. It is a chance to discover an array of spices, and their uses in various regional dishes. Once you are done with the chopping, blanching, searing, baking, roasting and plating – an essential step in creating nourishing food that is as beautiful as it is tasty – you may sit down with the Chef and your teammates and indulge in your creation (along with a well-deserved glass of wine!)


2. Wellness Lifestyle

Wellness lifestyle

Living well is inherent to the Heritage Resorts experience. For some it is a matter of ordering syrupy pancakes at 2:00 a.m. while for others, it is about practicing sun salutations at dawn.

In your peaceful room, you will find a wellness menu, which includes sophisticated, fragrant pillow scents – a spray or two promises a restful sleep -, a relaxation music channel and meditation television programs. Health-centric dishes can be ordered within our dozen restaurants. Keep an eye open for one of our Wellness Breaks – these workshops led by industry professionals will put you in the zone.


3. A Baby Concierge

Baby concierge - first steps on the beach

The idea of traveling with infants (and diaper bags, baby bottles…) can dissuade many parents from hopping on a plane. Heritage Resort’s dedicated Concierge offers a baby service in charge of purchasing baby amenities before you arrive at the hotel. This helpful services enables you to travel lighter (and at peace).


4. Free Green Fees

Night golf - holidays in Mauritius

The Heritage Golf Course is a gem. Tucked away in the west coast region’s rolling hills, the course offers stunning vistas of the surrounding nature. As a hotel resident, you have green fees. Come nightfall, you may keep on playing using fluorescent balls on a glow-stick lit course. Avid golfers can access nearby renowned, championship courses, including the Paradis, Tamarina and Avalon.


5. Your Own Private Chef

Barbecue in villa -Private Chef

Heritage The Villas’ residents may book a private Chef who will prepare a menu according to your cravings and needs, and turn your villa kitchenette into a full-fledged kitchen. There is no excuse not to host a family get-together or invite your villa neighbors over for dinner.


6. Dine under a starlit sky

Dinner at Boma restaurant, Heritage Awali

BOMA, an ephemeral outdoors experience, consists of a dinner under a starlit sky to the beat of percussion instruments, around a bonfire and torches. Local produce, including game from the Frederica Reserve, but also tasty vegetarian alternatives are cooked on a wood-fire or braised. BOMA has you feeling as though you are in the African bush (without the wild creatures).