Things to do and see around Veranda Paul et Virginie Hotel

As promised, Veranda Resorts takes visitors to the heart of authentic Mauritian lifestyle, as they are invited to step outside the hotel and explore the area. Here are some trips and activities that Veranda Paul et Virginie’s guests can easily access to:


The hotel provides for a free shuttle service to Grand-Baie twice a week, both morning and evening. Guests can take the opportunity to shop and stroll along the lively streets of this seaside hub during the day, or go for a drink at one of its bars in the evening. Grand-Baie is known for its wonderful bay, fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants and clubs.

Distance: 20 minutes by car

Demeure Saint Antoine
Demeure Saint Antoine
Just outside Goodlands, guests will come across the Demeure Saint Antoine, where they can travel back into the island’s past and relish in fine Mauritian cuisine. Since the Demeure serves old-time recipes in a traditional Mauritian setting made of wood, stone and colonnades, it is the ideal place for history and fine cuisine enthusiasts.

Distance: 15 minutes by car

Historic Marine
30-year-old model ship factory
The more curious can visit this 30-year-old model ship factory, which is the biggest on the island, even if they do not intend to bring one home. Founded by three friends passionate about sailing, it features craftwork made from the best-quality wood for maximum lifespan. Some of the most famous purchasers include Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu.

Distance: 10 minutes by car

At Anjoo’s
Homemade delicacies in a typical house
Escorted by a member of the hotel staff, guests can take a walk to Anjoo’s house to taste local specialities. There, they will experience the legendary Mauritian hospitality and appreciate homemade delicacies in a typical house. This is a unique occasion to share a meal at a Mauritian lady’s house while watching her prepare authentic Mauritian dishes.

Distance: 2-minute walk

Taste locally-made fritters
A walk in the village of Goodlands is a must for every guest at Veranda Paul et Virginie, especially if they want to experience Mauritian folklore. As they walk through the vegetable market, visit a Tamil temple, stop by street vendors to taste locally-made fritters, they will embrace the place’s buzzing atmosphere.

Distance: 10 minutes by car

More activities and discoveries await visitors who choose to settle in the village of Grand Gaube, including seaplane rides (take-off at the hotel), fish trap removal with a local fisherman, private cruise on the hotel’s catamaran… and many more surprises!

Veranda Pointe aux Biches, la promesse de vacances animées

Veranda Pointe aux Biches lives up to its reputation of a family-friendly resort, thanks to its passionate entertainment team, which has set out a rich and creative list of activities.

Water-based activities

Veranda Pointe aux Biches, la promesse de vacances animées

Whether in the pool or in the sea, Veranda Pointe aux Biches provides guests with a large choice of original activities that can be performed alone or in teams. Head for the sea to take part in the famous kayak race or to visit the tiny “jewel” island. In the swimming pool, Yoan hosts sessions of aquazumba and water polo, and a scuba-diving professional leads neophytes into their first diving experience. Paddle boats and stand-up paddleboards, among others, are available at the watersports hut.

Land-based activities

Veranda Pointe aux Biches, la promesse de vacances animées

On the beach, sports enthusiasts gather for a tennis volley or volleyball game, while the more curious flock inside the resort for a number of creative workshops: they can learn the art of napkin folding, get your feet painted, try on sarongs and learn Creole… The entertainment team constantly works on finding new exciting ideas. They also commit to sharing Mauritian culture and art of living by organising bike excursions to nearby villages and visits to the local fruit and vegetable market, cultural sites and other spectacular viewpoints.

Timomo Kids’ Club

Veranda Pointe aux Biches, la promesse de vacances animées

Children at this 4-star hotel also have their own kingdom. Timomo Club welcomes children between 3 and 11, everyday from 8.30 to 20.00. It has its own pool with age-appropriate aquazumba sessions. A wish tree towers at the centre of the playground: children are invited to write a wish and tie it onto the tree. The variety of games and activities include indoor craft workshops, sand castle contests, pool games, dance shows and fashion shows sponsored by the hotel’s boutique in the evening. The entertainment team takes their young guests on outings, to visit Trou-aux-Biches’ aquarium for example.

Evening entertainment

Veranda Pointe aux Biches, la promesse de vacances animées
In the evening, a lively atmosphere is still on at Veranda Pointe aux Biches, with shows and dancing – an occasion for guests to discover local dances and music, and also watch talented musicians perform international music hits. Dancefloor is open after dinner and the entertainment team is there to dance along with audacious guests. Occasionally, there is live music during the dinner, sometimes played by a sitarist. Teens have a reserved table, on which they can meet with other young people and animators, thereby developing wonderful friendships during their holidays.

Veranda Pointe aux Biches’ entertainment team is an essential part of the hotel’s life and ensures a unique stay for kids, teenagers and adults alike.

Deep into the Blue, Veranda Resorts’ catamaran

It takes small special attentions to make our visitors discover Mauritius in a different light. Since this December, they can get onboard Veranda Resorts’ catamaran to explore Mauritius’ splendid lagoon with the wind on their face!

Mint blue sea, waves lapping on the shore, timeless sunsets… that’s Mauritius seen from a catamaran! Both wild and sophisticated, the island cradles visitors with sweetness of life of its own. Away from the tourist bustle, Veranda Resorts puts its catamaran, Deep Into Blue, at your disposal, for you to enjoy a day-out at sea and discover the most beautiful spots of Grand Gaube’s lagoon – one of the largest of Mauritius. This is another idea of luxury! Veranda Resorts’ catamaran can also take you to the superb Ilot aux Bernaches.

With many sites protected by coral reefs, Mauritius Island offers a number of exceptional marine landscapes, from white sand beaches to sea bottom.

On these coral nuggets floating over the Indian Ocean, life goes down to simple pleasures: swimming with fish, reading, daydreaming, diving, sightseeing, enjoying the moment… and sailing away.

With Veranda Resorts, sightseers revel in intimate and authentic sea cruises, where they suddenly take pleasure in slowing down again…

Veranda Resorts’ catamaran is also available for individual rental – ideal for couples who wish to go on a romantic getaway in the most intimate atmosphere. They can even ask for a private butler service! Finally, it is possible for couples to watch the sunset and enjoy some grilled lobsters on Veranda Resorts’ catamaran. Nothing is too good to spend a memorable time… Deep Into Mauritius!

Escape to the East from Veranda Palmar Beach

Welcome on the eastern coast of Mauritius – the one that best illustrates the island’s contrasting beauty. The East actually has two faces: one with fishermen’s hamlets and their sheet metal huts, and the other with exceptional sites and endless white-sand beaches, which have preserved their peaceful atmosphere. The place is indeed ideal for a relaxing day!

The beautiful town of Flacq and its Indian temple
Every trip to the east coast starts in Centre de Flacq! This first stop is a must if you want to immerse into the local lifestyle and visit superb temples. You can also walk through the town’s market, where local farmers sell the most attractive products at low price.

Small and colourful hand-woven baskets are sold along the walkway. The fascinating temple of Poste de Flacq is only a few minutes away. Set on a tiny island, which is connected to the mainland by a small bridge, this all-in-white temple is totally worth a visit!

From Bras d’Eau National Park to the beach
Spreading over 497 hectares, Bras d’Eau National Park offers a wonderful excursion in nature, where you can discover local species, such as a variety of endemic plants as well as antthrushes, Mauritius kestrels, woodpeckers and Mauritius parakeets. In the distance, you can also see the colourful sails of regattas. Drive along the coastal road up to Poste Lafayette and stop at the public beach to watch kite-surfers in action.
The most beautiful beaches of the island are found on the eastern coast, including a 10-km long beach stretching from the northern tip of Trou d’Eau Douce to Pointe de Flacq. The white sand and crystal lagoon views are simply breath-taking!

A cultural stopover at the Café des Arts
A distinctive place where art, gastronomy and history meet, Victoria 1840 – Le Café des Arts is a destination in itself. As they roam around the history-laden walls, gaze at Maniglier’s paintings and taste the fine cuisine, visitors relish in a unique experience, which ignites the senses and delights the tastebuds. Jocelyn Gonzalez, the householder, shows them the place with typical enthusiasm. Guest can expect an unforgettable time!

The iconic Île aux Cerfs
What would the eastern coast be without the Île aux Cerfs? The most popular and best-known destination in Mauritius by far, Île aux Cerfs is a must for guests staying on the eastern coast. Many visitors fell in love with its picture-perfect scenery, its white powdered sand and turquoise lagoon. The island also features an ideal diving spot for those who want to swim among corals and tropical fishes.

Beaches, temples and a national park: the East coast of Mauritius has a beautiful soul! On the outskirts of Veranda Palmar Beach, guests can revel in exceptional landscapes that will make their stay even more sensational.

Photo Credit: Javed Jangeerkhan


Veranda Resorts, the art of Mauritian fiesta

Veranda Resorts has built its reputation on the art of receiving and entertaining guests. It is no surprise that all Veranda Resorts’ hotels have planned to surprise their guests with exotic end-of-year celebrations and have agreed on one theme: Tropical Vibes! There is no better place to party than on a tropical island, especially if you want to end the year on a high note!

A blend of pure white and flashy colours, tables adorned with fruits and plants, colourful bar counters, mini fruit market, a 100% natural décor with hints of vibrant colours and exotic Christmas trees… EOY celebrations at Veranda Resorts will definitely be bright, sunny and fruity! Nothing is too much to delight visitors and lead them into a unique and fantastic atmosphere.

Veranda Pointe aux Biches: Jazzy and exotic rhythms

Veranda Pointe aux Biches: Jazzy and exotic rhythms

For the end of this year, Veranda Pointe aux Biches will welcome its guests in a freshly renovated décor. With both exo-chic and jazzy ambiences, it will be hard to resist! Whether they choose to be there on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, guests will surely have a memorable time as they relax and enjoy the convivial atmosphere.

On the 24th of December, the evening will start with a “merry” Happy Hour and famous Christmas Carols in the background. Then, guests will be invited to sit at a contemporary Mauritian table and enjoy an exceptional gala dinner to the sound of a jazz band.
The next day, the magic of Christmas goes on with an amazing drink and cocktail tasting (the Coconut Jalsa is a must!) and a tropical buffet.

New Year’s Eve will be as delightful, with some beach animations, Happy Hour and gala dinner. Guests should get ready to dance the night away! On New Year’s Day, Veranda Pointe aux Biches offers them to start the year in a very special way: magical sundowner and international buffet for an unforgettable experience!

Veranda Palmar Beach: Family fiesta and latino music

Veranda Palmar Beach: Family fiesta and latino music

For the end of the year, the most family-friendly hotel of Veranda Resorts is preparing a special offer that will please the big and the small. Guests will be instantly captivated by the Christmas show featuring Nativity scenes, Christmas Carols and a performance by the Kids’ Club, followed by the distribution of gifts. Santa himself will be there! The night will go on with a delicious buffet dinner and live music.

On Christmas Day, Veranda Palmar Beach will welcome guests at a mouth-watering barbecue around the pool. In the evening, a special buffet dinner will be served at the Regatta restaurant. Then, guests will have the opportunity to show their best moves on a 100% latino dance-floor. It is otherwise possible to book a table at the Horizon restaurant and indulge in a seafood dinner.

Veranda Palmar Beach will also host a special programme on New Year’s Day: sundowner and cocktail on the beach to say goodbye to 2015, followed by a flavourful dinner buffet. The highlight of the night? Dancing to the DJ’s music and watching fireworks!

Veranda Grand Baie: dance till dawn!

Veranda Grand Baie: dance till dawn!

With its eternal sunshine and magnificent turquoise lagoon, Grand Baie is an ideal spot for the end-of-year celebrations. The place-to-be in this major seaside hub, if you want to live an unforgettable Christmas in the most magical way, is Veranda Grand Baie, of course!
Looking forward to party till the break of day to welcome the new year? At Veranda Grand Baie, the evening programme of the 31st will start with a lavish seafood and Mauritian buffet, also featuring the traditional turkey and a tantalizing selection of desserts. Afterwards, guests will have so much fun celebrating 2016 on the dance-floor that they would hardly want to leave!

Veranda Paul et Virginie: a romantic celebration

Veranda Paul et Virginie: a romantic celebration

A real love nest for couples, Veranda Paul et Virginie welcomes guests who are looking to celebrate the end of the year in an intimate setting. Hand in hand, couples will enjoy delicious cocktails at the bar, followed by a dinner buffet and music to dance the night away.
They will be offered to celebrate New Year’s Day the Mauritian way with an exotic menu featuring local specialities such as the heart of palm salad. After dinner, the DJ will lead them into a festive night brightened up with splendid fireworks.

Clearly, Veranda Resorts’ four hotels spare no effort to make sure their visitors end up the year in a festive and typically Mauritian atmosphere. Hurray for 2016!

Discover your Festive calendar 2015-2016

For a fun afternoon with friends or a relaxing break on your own, the Beauty Bar by Seven Colours at Veranda Grand Baie is the ideal spot!

With its cosy boudoir setting, the “BB” by Seven Colours offers beauty treatments from head to toe. It is open from Monday through Saturday, 10.30 to 19.00, to every women, from the busy working girl to the bride-to-be who expects to be the most beautiful on her big day. Seven Colours Spa has built this special offer on four concepts to satisfy to every taste:

“Me” time: Need to take a break and be pampered? The Beauty Bar offers a range of relaxing miniature treatments for nails, hair and skin. For extra pleasure, complete your spa experience with an assortment of petits fours and tea… Relaxation guaranteed!

“No” time: Busy women also deserve their beauty moment! With this in mind, Seven Colours provides express treatments of 5 to 20 minutes for an instant “WOW!” effect.

“Party” time: Is there anything better than sharing a spa experience with friends? The Beauty Bar offers group packages which may include a light brunch or – why not? – sparkling wine!

“Bridal” time: Brides-to-be can book the whole spa to get ready without any stress. They are also treated to a light brunch, pre-marriage advice and, of course, hairstyling and make-up to feel as beautiful as happy!

Whether it is for a nail polish on the go, for a complete ritual, for a few hours of “cocooning” treatment with girl mates or for the big day, our clients will delight in these fabulous moments they spent in the hands of our beauty experts!

Besides this ambitious concept, Seven Colours Spa at Veranda Grand Baie boasts a purely Mauritian atmosphere and a selection of deluxe wellness offers. Available in all Veranda hotels, the Seven Colours brand is based on Oriental philosophy combined to Mauritian art of well-being.

Veranda Pointe aux Biches reopens after three months of closure for renovation and, in the process, it has upgraded to the status of a 4-star boutique hotel.

From June 1st to August 23rd, Veranda Pointe aux Biches was closed for renovation in order to provide future customers with ultimate modern comfort in a tropical-chic setting. In this freshly four-starred seaside resort, guests are invited to take off their shoes and experience total barefoot bliss.

Renovation brought a refreshing change. Refurbished with wooden furniture and blue shades, the hotel’s common spaces invite guests to savour the simplest pleasures of tropical vacation: rest in the sun, daydream, read, taste the local cuisine and discover Mauritius.

Behind the scene of this renovation is interior designer Paule de Romeuf, back by her fifteen years of experience with prominent international architects. On her most famous project, which is The Arab World Institute in Paris, she has worked with world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel. The concept she has created for Veranda Pointe aux Biches is based on the stimulation of the five senses within a tropical background.

Exotic and modern comfort for a 4-star vacation

The hotel’s 115 Comfort and Family rooms as well as the 30 adult-only Privilege rooms have been upgraded to provide guests with excellent service and accommodation: canopy beds with quality bedding, a nature-inspired decoration with wood, wicker, bamboo and ceramic elements, sleek look, terrace or balcony… and the latest technology!

To ensure Veranda Pointe aux Biches’ guests peaceful holidays, nothing has been left to chance. In addition to the free wireless connection, each room features upgraded linen, bathroom amenities and new TV channels as well as a Nespresso machine and a smartphone docking station in Privilege rooms only. Those small additions allow guests to enjoy home-like comfort in a laid-back seaside setting.

With its tropical-chic look and an even stronger barefoot concept, Veranda Pointe aux Biches is the new gem of Veranda Resorts. Located between two fishing villages on the northwest coast, this charming boutique hotel boasts an ideal beachfront location at a short distance from the bustling hub of Grand Baie and other tourist attractions in the North of the island.

Discover pictures of the new Veranda Pointe aux Biches:

Teens and kids clubs at the Veranda Resorts, Mauritius

Family holidays are great, as long as there is something for everyone. All Veranda Resorts hotels promise a relaxing stay for parents and lots of fun for their children through dedicated kids’ clubs, except for Veranda Paul & Virginie, which is an adults-only resort. What to expect? Laughter, adventure and plenty of souvenirs to bring home!

For successful holidays, Veranda Resorts invites families to entrust their children to the Timomo & Friends Club. Timomo, a bird character native of Mauritius, will quickly become our young guests’ best friend. He will lead them into his hunt for the world’s most desirable treasures: friendship and generosity… And that explains why kids do not want to leave him anymore at the end of their holidays!

Open from 8.30 to 20.00, the Kids’ club welcomes children between 3 and 11 and help them make the most of their vacation time through a variety of daily indoor and outdoor activities. A busy programme is set for the children: they become acquainted with the local culture through typically Mauritian games, creative arts and sports, such as leaf painting, henna tattoos, sega and Creole classes, and – of course – the famous glass-bottom boat trips to explore the undersea world. More traditional activities including a large choice of sports and creative workshops are offered to make their day an unforgettable one.


Timomo: a team dedicated to childcare

Dedicated qualified hotel team to take care of the children perfectly safe.


Timomo & Friends Club is what it is thanks to its dedicated staff! Be it with Charlène at Veranda Palmar Beach, with Urvashi at Veranda Pointe aux Biches or with Patricia and Virginia at Veranda Grand Baie, children enjoy holidays full of emotions and discoveries! Our helping ladies build strong ties with the kids and are entirely dedicated to give them the happiest time!

For parents to enjoy their holidays with complete peace of mind, Veranda Resorts offers additional services to cater to children’s daily needs, such as providing meals, day-care and evening baby-sitting. And if our young guests want to bring a souvenir of their wonderful holidays back home, they might find what they look for at the hotel boutique: their new favourite hero is available in a wide range of by-products. See you soon, Timomo!

Set on some of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, Veranda Resorts hotels offer the best service for a real change of scene and authentic experiences of local culture. As opposed to Veranda Paul & Virginie, which is an adult-only hotel since November 2014, Veranda Grand Baie, Veranda Palmar Beach and Veranda Pointe aux Biches are family-friendly resorts, each offering unique advantages to meet every guests’ expectations.

Located in the North, at the heart of a coastal town of the same name, Veranda Grand Baie is a charming hotel which gives its guests the opportunity to discover Mauritian culture in all simplicity!

Famous for its nightlife and shops, Grand Baie is the ideal place for visitors seeking after authentic holidays and a truly Mauritian experience. This small town is ideally located within short distance of many of the island’s cultural and tourist sites:

Pamplemousses Garden: This 25-hectare botanical garden is famous for its great diversity of plants ranging from waterlilies, to Flamboyant trees, palm trees, endemic plants and an entire section dedicated to spices. Reflecting Mauritius’ history, the garden was built in 1770 by botanist and French Administrator of the Isle de France, Pierre Poivre.

L’Aventure du Sucre: Set in an old sugar mill, this museum highlights the place of sugar cane industry in the history of Mauritius. Filled with secrets and historical anecdotes, this picturesque place leads visitors into four centuries of fascinating history, from the island’s discovery to its Independence.

The Château Labourdonais: This colonial-style castle stands majestically in the middle of luxuriant tropical vegetation, at the end of a magnificent Chinese Banyan lined driveway. The 1859 mansion was finely restored and introduces visitors into the heart of Mauritian historical heritage, at a time when life revolved around sugar mills.

Cap Malheureux Church: The village of Cap Malheureux – which means Cape of Misfortune – takes its name after the many shipwrecks which occurred on its shores through the centuries. What is left now is a quaint scenery: the church’s red roof contrasting with the turquoise background sea and a breathtaking view on the lagoon and the Gunner’s Quoin make it a popular spot for tourists and residents alike.

Northern islands: Flat Island, Îlot Gabriel, Round Island, Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin), Pain-de-Sucre and Serpent Island are exotic names that were given to some islets lying just beyond the northern reef. Some of them can be visited during a catamaran day trip. Each has a particular story relating to Mauritius, and their beauty makes them a first-choice tourist attraction.



The North is ideal to explore wonders of Mauritius while on holidays! Veranda Grand Baie’s guests also enjoy the possibility to wander in the streets of the pretty coastal village of Grand Baie. Thanks to the hotel’s central location, they can walk or hire a taxi to reach most attractive spots in a few minutes, including bars and restaurants such Banana Beach Café, Botteghita or Cocoloko; street vendors selling all sorts of fritters and local delicacies; several shopping corners including Grand Baie La Croisette Shopping Mall, Sunset Boulevard’s stylish boutiques and – of course! – Grand Baie’s bazaar with its thousands of typically Mauritian souvenirs!

Set on the rim of the bay, Veranda Grand Baie is a place of unspoilt charm combined with the liveliness of the buzzing city of Grand Baie. It offers the perfect location for holiday-makers who are looking to explore the “hidden side” of Mauritius!

Veranda Resorts’ brand lifting is not only reflected in a new visual and colourful set-up, but also in the development of holiday activities in each of the four resorts. Guests are now invited to experience the soul of Mauritius, by exploring its traditions and art of living.

Building on its new signature, “Deep into Mauritius”, Veranda Resorts provides guests with the opportunity to write their own holiday story. Choosing among five concepts, they are invited to experience Mauritius differently – that is beyond the island’s typical postcard setting – and to immerse themselves into local culture while exploring the heart of the island.

Deep into the blue: Nautical pleasures for all

Stand-up paddle, kayak or snorkelling… according to your taste! Sea sports lovers will enjoy the multiple possibilities our irresistible lagoon offers and get a taste of 100% new nautical sensations.

Deep into flavours: Convergence of flavours

The keyword in Mauritian cuisine is… diversity! Veranda Resorts’ restaurants celebrate creole cuisine, while hotel chefs provide tips and recipes during their cooking classes, thus sharing the rich Mauritian culinary heritage.

Deep into culture: Mauritian art of living

To capture the spirit of Mauritian culture, one must taste local rum and dance sega to the rhythm of the ravane! Since these are local customs that make Mauritian people so proud, Veranda Resorts has made rum tasting and sega a key highlight and commits to sharing authentic pieces of Mauritian life with its guests!

Deep into tradition: Heritage transmission

Guests are invited to experience the soul of Mauritius, its open arms and generous heart… Veranda Resorts offers them the opportunity to sail with a fisherman on a pirogue to discover the rich and lively local fishing traditions.

Deep into Mauritius: Experiencing the soul of Mauritius

Exploring local villages is ideal to capture the subtle blend of tradition and modernism that reflects life in Mauritius. Veranda Resorts takes its guests on a journey where they will not only explore the region but also mingle with the local people, so friendly and happy to share their culture.

Building on 30 years of expertise in Mauritian art of living, Veranda Resorts promises to take its guests deeper into the heart of Mauritius. Four tropical cocoons with the Indian Ocean at the tips of the toes are awaiting couples and families alike, who seek the perfect mix between leisure and adventure, tradition and modernism, home-like comfort and exotic immersion.