Here come the Wellness Breaks 2015/2016! This time again, a whole line-up of wellness experts will bring a blast of well-being and relaxation to Heritage Resorts’ hotel guests. Get an exclusive sneak peek at the program prepared by Seven Colours!

Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort is the ideal place for travellers looking for ultimate relaxation and wellness specialists to meet. Throughout the year, Heritage Resorts will welcome experts of various fields, who will lead dedicated workshops and share their secrets. Seven Colours is treating guests with a unique opportunity to tap into professional advice that they will take home to extend their wellness experience beyond holidays.

Wellness Breaks 2015/2016 Calendar

October 3-9, 2015: Pilates and Smiling Tai Chi – Dominique Tinjust

dominique-tinjust-a-ile-mauriceDominique Tinjust works in Paris, at Canal Central and Pilates Studio, a training centre for Romana’s Pilates. He holds a certification in the classical Romana’s Pilates method and also trained to the neoclassical method. With a long experience of teaching and extensive knowledge of fitness, he is now bringing forward an evolutive approach of Pilates in a fun, dynamic and rehabilitative style.

This Wellness Break will be the first edition hosted by Dominique Tinjust.


December 1-13, 2015: The art of breathing – Dominique Lonchant

dominique-lonchant-in-mauritiusA qualified yoga teacher and breathing master, Dominique Lonchant has travelled the world for over 30 years. After he had received exclusive training by Dr. Swami Gitananda in India, he has taught thousands of followers and now leads workshops in France and abroad. He is one of the few respiratory specialists in the world.

Driven by the success of the previous editions, Dominique Lonchant returns for the third time at the Domaine de Bel Ombre to teach his method.


February 6-12, 2016: Pilates – Géraldine Cantin

geraldine-cantin-mauritiusGéraldine Cantin is a French state-qualified fitness coach. With 20 years of experience as a dance and fitness instructor, she now teaches Pilates in keeping with the founder, Joseph Pilates’ classical method.

This will be the third Pilates Wellness Break with Géraldine Cantin.





March 5-12, 2016: Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation – Martin Combrinck

This Wellness coach aims at sharing widely his approach to full awareness (living in the moment) using laughing therapy for instance. The conferences, lectures and training courses he has delivered throughout the world are based on such practices which emphasize body and soul connection and personal responsibility for health.

Martin Combrinck’s intervention will inaugurate the first promising edition of this Wellness Break.

April 2-8, 2016: Pilates with Mikael Pulcini

mikael-pulcini-mauritiusA professional dancer, Mikaël Pulcini discovered Pilates while on tour in the United States. He now owns two studios in France and trains Pilates coaches. He is a state-qualified dance teacher and also holds an original Pilates certificate.

Mikaël Pulcini has contributed to the Wellness Breaks since the beginning and will be back in April for his third participation.




Through the Wellness Breaks, the award-winning Seven Colours Spa brand, which distinguished itself at the World Luxury Hotel Awards last year, confirms its ambition to offer the best when it comes to clients’ wellness.