Things to do and see around Veranda Paul et Virginie Hotel

As promised, Veranda Resorts takes visitors to the heart of authentic Mauritian lifestyle, as they are invited to step outside the hotel and explore the area. Here are some trips and activities that Veranda Paul et Virginie’s guests can easily access to:


The hotel provides for a free shuttle service to Grand-Baie twice a week, both morning and evening. Guests can take the opportunity to shop and stroll along the lively streets of this seaside hub during the day, or go for a drink at one of its bars in the evening. Grand-Baie is known for its wonderful bay, fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants and clubs.

Distance: 20 minutes by car

Demeure Saint Antoine
Demeure Saint Antoine
Just outside Goodlands, guests will come across the Demeure Saint Antoine, where they can travel back into the island’s past and relish in fine Mauritian cuisine. Since the Demeure serves old-time recipes in a traditional Mauritian setting made of wood, stone and colonnades, it is the ideal place for history and fine cuisine enthusiasts.

Distance: 15 minutes by car

Historic Marine
30-year-old model ship factory
The more curious can visit this 30-year-old model ship factory, which is the biggest on the island, even if they do not intend to bring one home. Founded by three friends passionate about sailing, it features craftwork made from the best-quality wood for maximum lifespan. Some of the most famous purchasers include Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu.

Distance: 10 minutes by car

At Anjoo’s
Homemade delicacies in a typical house
Escorted by a member of the hotel staff, guests can take a walk to Anjoo’s house to taste local specialities. There, they will experience the legendary Mauritian hospitality and appreciate homemade delicacies in a typical house. This is a unique occasion to share a meal at a Mauritian lady’s house while watching her prepare authentic Mauritian dishes.

Distance: 2-minute walk

Taste locally-made fritters
A walk in the village of Goodlands is a must for every guest at Veranda Paul et Virginie, especially if they want to experience Mauritian folklore. As they walk through the vegetable market, visit a Tamil temple, stop by street vendors to taste locally-made fritters, they will embrace the place’s buzzing atmosphere.

Distance: 10 minutes by car

More activities and discoveries await visitors who choose to settle in the village of Grand Gaube, including seaplane rides (take-off at the hotel), fish trap removal with a local fisherman, private cruise on the hotel’s catamaran… and many more surprises!