Located in the North, at the heart of a coastal town of the same name, Veranda Grand Baie is a charming hotel which gives its guests the opportunity to discover Mauritian culture in all simplicity!

Famous for its nightlife and shops, Grand Baie is the ideal place for visitors seeking after authentic holidays and a truly Mauritian experience. This small town is ideally located within short distance of many of the island’s cultural and tourist sites:

Pamplemousses Garden: This 25-hectare botanical garden is famous for its great diversity of plants ranging from waterlilies, to Flamboyant trees, palm trees, endemic plants and an entire section dedicated to spices. Reflecting Mauritius’ history, the garden was built in 1770 by botanist and French Administrator of the Isle de France, Pierre Poivre.

L’Aventure du Sucre: Set in an old sugar mill, this museum highlights the place of sugar cane industry in the history of Mauritius. Filled with secrets and historical anecdotes, this picturesque place leads visitors into four centuries of fascinating history, from the island’s discovery to its Independence.

The Château Labourdonais: This colonial-style castle stands majestically in the middle of luxuriant tropical vegetation, at the end of a magnificent Chinese Banyan lined driveway. The 1859 mansion was finely restored and introduces visitors into the heart of Mauritian historical heritage, at a time when life revolved around sugar mills.

Cap Malheureux Church: The village of Cap Malheureux – which means Cape of Misfortune – takes its name after the many shipwrecks which occurred on its shores through the centuries. What is left now is a quaint scenery: the church’s red roof contrasting with the turquoise background sea and a breathtaking view on the lagoon and the Gunner’s Quoin make it a popular spot for tourists and residents alike.

Northern islands: Flat Island, Îlot Gabriel, Round Island, Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin), Pain-de-Sucre and Serpent Island are exotic names that were given to some islets lying just beyond the northern reef. Some of them can be visited during a catamaran day trip. Each has a particular story relating to Mauritius, and their beauty makes them a first-choice tourist attraction.



The North is ideal to explore wonders of Mauritius while on holidays! Veranda Grand Baie’s guests also enjoy the possibility to wander in the streets of the pretty coastal village of Grand Baie. Thanks to the hotel’s central location, they can walk or hire a taxi to reach most attractive spots in a few minutes, including bars and restaurants such Banana Beach Café, Botteghita or Cocoloko; street vendors selling all sorts of fritters and local delicacies; several shopping corners including Grand Baie La Croisette Shopping Mall, Sunset Boulevard’s stylish boutiques and – of course! – Grand Baie’s bazaar with its thousands of typically Mauritian souvenirs!

Set on the rim of the bay, Veranda Grand Baie is a place of unspoilt charm combined with the liveliness of the buzzing city of Grand Baie. It offers the perfect location for holiday-makers who are looking to explore the “hidden side” of Mauritius!