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Because spending a day at Veranda Resorts is akin to spending a day in Mauritius, we made sure to collaborate with entrepreneurs whose activities enable you to dive Deep into Mauritius. Participating in these activities is a way to get a taste of the authenticity that defines our identity, and to contribute directly to the local economy!

Deep into Flavours

“Travelling is about discovering a new culture, particularly through its food,” explains Nicolas Lagesse, co-founder of Taste Buddies. Nicolas and his team offer culinary tours that marry food tastings, encounters and historical anecdotes. “Mauritius is so much more than its beaches: we boast an incredible cultural diversity, and a history and cuisine that make us unique,” he adds. The tours are run by local guides, and interacting with the “chefs” is highly encouraged―whether it’s a pastry chef who has been in the business for 40 years, or a greengrocer.

My Local Table also offers a culinary experience, but this time, it takes the form of a home cooked meal at a local’s house. Through a shared meal of fish vindaloo, Bananas Foster (caramelised bananas) and spiced rum, friendships are woven, tongues are loosened and taste buds are tickled. A peek into the everyday life of locals!

Coffee enthusiasts―you will certainly not be disappointed. Veranda Resorts has partnered with the first hand-roasted green coffee brewing plant in Mauritius, Les Brûleries de La Fournaise, creating a unique “homemade” blend: Mo Kafé. The icing on the cake: each hotel in the Group frequently hosts practical workshops during which you can discover the history and culture of coffee, before trying your hand at coffee art!

Deep into Culture

Did you know that Mauritians are huge fans of horse racing? During the racing season, they flock to Champs de Mars—the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere—every Saturday to bet on their favourite horses. You, too, can experience this adventure thanks to our partner, Mr Ritter, who invites you to his lodge (a VIP box)!

In their continued effort to showcase “local colours,” the Group’s hotels welcome, on a weekly basis, local craftsmen looking to sell their creations: woodcuts  (Derelan), painting on leaves (Aarti), wooden objects (Brinda), ship models (Historic Marine), necklaces and bracelets (Kevin), pyrography (Mrs Chitamun), sculptures (studio art28), and watercolour painting with Hansley Luxe, who also runs workshops for children.

Deep into Nature

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or the occasional explorer, our partner, Explore Nou Zil, knows just how to meet your needs. Explore wild, untouched areas or authentic villages on an electric bike―it’s almost effortless!

Are you more of a sailor? Explore the islets off Mauritius’ coasts on a catamaran with Harris Wilson, or sway to the rhythms of island life in Wesley Jeannot or Mr Andy’s canoe.

Deep into Sustainability

We aspire to positively impact Mauritius and contribute to the sustainable development of our island, which is why the following initiatives are especially close to our hearts: Bis Lamer, the discovery of local NGOs and Lakaz Liv.

Each month, we invite our staff, their children and our clients to partake in an interactive educational session hosted by Bis Lamer, a mobile training centre created by Reef Conservation, a local NGO. The bus travels across the island to raise awareness of the preservation of our marine and coastal biodiversity. Equipped with high quality educational tools, the trainers educate people about the vital role of the mangroves, marshy areas, wetlands, seagrass beds and coral reefs, as well as the impact of human activity on our ecosystem.

Have a keen interest in the nonprofit world? Take part in a half-day discovery that begins with an introduction of Lovebridge, and ends with a tour of Lacase Lespwar (House of Hope.)

Lovebridge is a local NGO with innovative methods. Its volunteers, psychologists and field workers support families who live in extreme poverty, assisting them through six pillars: food, employment, health, education, a positive attitude and housing. Lacase Lespwar, for its part, is a community and reception centre that offers (amongst other things!) listening services, a shared garden that promotes food self-sufficiency and self-enhancement, sport and recreational activities, a second-hand clothing store and emergency services for destitute families.

Lastly, Lakaz Liv (House of Books, in Mauritian Creole) is our open access library intended for the inhabitants who live in and about our Veranda Resorts hotels. Feel free to drop off the books you no longer need!

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