Veranda Tamarin from A to Z

We’ve come up with a super practical glossary that’ll update you on our latest news and happenings!

Aquatic Activities
Water sport and ocean lovers, rejoice! The hotel’s perfect location means that you’ll never run out of things to do, from surfing, scuba diving, kitesurfing and dolphin watching to boat tripping in a speedboat or catamaran. See also Cap Dal Boathouse, Sport, Surf and Plunge into the Deep.

The Bay
Veranda Tamarin lies at the heart of Tamarin bay, on the west coast of the island. Tamarin is a fishing village nestled in luscious flora, a tropical haven where hotel guests can taste the pleasures of simple beachfront living. “The Bay” garnered fame in the 1970s with the release of The Forgotten Island of Santosha, a cult classic; the documentary drew in hordes of enthusiasts from around the world, keen on surfing the Bay’s legendary wave – a left that breaks on a coral reef. Dal (south) and Black Stone (north) are the bay’s premier surfing spots with international acclaim. See also Surf.

The Boma
The Boma is a pop-up event around a bonfire, organised on the beach facing the hotel. Every week, guests of Veranda Tamarin and village locals are invited to take part in either a jamming session, a coffee ceremony (or “zet sor”), or an open-air cinema session. “Sega tipik” soirées around the bonfire were made for dancing the night away to the rhythm of traditional Mauritian music.

Cap Dal Boathouse
Our boathouse offers equipment to borrow or to rent, from stand-up paddles to kayaks and bicycles. It’s also the place you’ll go to for PADI certificates, diving trips and adventures in the sea or on land. Open from 9am to 5pm. See also Dolphins, Nature, Sport.

Crazy Fish Bar
Inspired by Tamarin’s beach culture, the Crazy Fish Bar offers light meals during the day – think salads and burgers – and serves up tapas to jazz music come night-time. Open from 9am to 11pm.

The Cap Dal Boathouse offers speedboat outings: on board, you’ll get to watch and swim with dolphins as the sun rises (from 5.30am to 8am, Rs 1,200 per person). If you like to dive, book a half-day tour: you’ll swim in the wonders of La Preneuse’s depths, fully-equipped with a mask, palms and tuba; back above the water once again, a hearty lunch awaits at Ile aux Benitiers. If you’re seeking more thrills, then Stand Up Paddle while dolphins play around you (from 5.30am to 8am, Rs 1,000 per person) or watch them dance from your kayak (from 5.30am to 9am, Rs 700 per person). See also Cap Dal Boathouse.

Head to The Boma and Music.

Tamarin’s the ideal starting place to visit some incredible natural wonders: the Black River Gorges National Park, celebrated for its panoramic views, its waterfalls and hiking trails, is a ten-minute bike ride from the village. Chamarel and the Seven Coloured Earth are only 30 minutes away. Casela’s the perfect place to spend the day as a family, with its gorgeous birds, African animals, safaris and forest activities. Before you set off for the day, don’t forget to take your picnic basket from Kas Dal, our grocery kiosk! See also Port Louis, The Salt Pans, UNESCO.

Veranda Tamarin is equipped with a conference room that can welcome up to 25 people.

Flat Fees & Packages
Veranda Tamarin offers two flat-fee packages: all-inclusive and half-board. With the all-inclusive option, you’ll get breakfast and dinner at the Ye! Man restaurant; lunch at the Crazy Fish Bar or Kas Dal; Rs 400 worth of credit to dine at the Crazy Fish Bar or Tribu, and a selection of local drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) between 10am and 11pm at the Crazy Fish Bar or at Tribu (until 6pm). With the half-board option, you’ll have breakfast and dinner at the Ye! Man restaurant and a Rs 400 credit per adult to dine at Tribu.

For a fee, Veranda Tamarin’s clients are able to play at the Heritage Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course ranked number one in Mauritius at the World Golf Awards. Found at the heart of Bel Ombre, the Heritage Golf Club offers a balanced course with different challenges and experiences, and incredible views of the lagoon.

Veranda Tamarin offers contemporary lifestyle spaces but preserves the historical spirit of the hotel, built in 1970.

You’ll find a graphic, colourful mural fresco by Mauritian artist Kim Siew reproduced in every hotel room.

Veranda Tamarin has revived the jazz-lounge nights that forged the first Hotel Tamarin’s reputation. There’s no better way to end the day than by watching the sun go down over the bay, while the jazz scene – the local cream of the crop – whip up some spectacular sounds.

Kas Dal
This grocery-kiosk at the hotel’s entrance offers a selection of street food, drinks and picnic baskets that were made for a little Mauritian break during the day. Open from 10am to 6pm. See also Excursions.

All the rooms are equipped with a Beach Kit comprising a basket, cooler bag, mat and towel.

The Laundry
The Laundry’s a space for guests and Mauritians to wash their stuff, listen to music, play board games and read in a luminous space: it’s furnished with a jukebox, game tables, a small library and washing machines!

Local Life
Come to Mauritius as a tourist, leave as a Mauritian! Veranda Resorts allows you to live the local life, to experience the island beyond the postcard cliché. Our hotels are firmly stamped with the Mauritian spirit, which our guests imbibe through immersive experiences – think cooking lessons, adventurous escapades, wellness moments and community sharing activities.

Mauritius is found 3,000 km east from the African continent. The island’s gorgeous 160 km coast, multicoloured coral reef and dramatic mountains make it the jewel of the Indian Ocean. It’s the only country in Africa to have a majority population of Indian descent, but you’ll find many ethnicities from all over the globe here – African, Chinese, European. In this melting pot, communities live harmoniously together and speak a common tongue, Kreol. English and French are also fluently spoken here.

Savour the hotel’s delicious sounds every night, as we pay homage to the hotel’s musical legacy. Monday: Intimate ambiance; Tuesday: Open Stage; Wednesday: Séga; Thursday: Jazz Night; Friday: After-work Happiness; Saturday: Funky Town.

Only a few minutes away from Veranda Tamarin, you’ll discover the rich, lush flora of the Black River Gorges. Sport lovers can rent a bike and the services of a guide at the Cap Dal Boathouse. See also Cap Dal Boathouse and Excursions.

On Board!
Feeling adventurous? Rent a boat for the day at the Cap Dal Boathouse and glide across the limpid lagoons of the west coast, where you’ll admire charmingly-named little islets – Ile aux Benitiers, Crystal Rock among them. Catamaran trips are also available!

Plunge into the Deep
Veranda Tamarin is close to Flic-en-Flac, where diving enthusiasts can discover the famous underwater ‘cathedral’: a rocky formation with caves and arches, famous in the region for its incredible variety of fish – you’ll find lionfish and moray eels here. You can also pass the PADI certification exam at our boathouse! Please book your trips underwater at least a day in advance. See also Cap Dal Boathouse.

Port Louis
The capital is found less than an hour away from Veranda Tamarin by car. It’s the place to head to if you want a taste of that sweet Mauritian urban life: walk in historic streets, gorge yourself on street food, street art and local sounds, perfumes and faces. See also Excursions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will always be happy to reply to any and all of your questions.

You’ll find diverse culinary options at the hotel, reflecting our Mauritian heritage and authenticity. Head to Crazy Fish Bar, Kas Dal, Tribu, View and Ye ! Man for more details.

Veranda Tamarin has 116 rooms that can welcome two to three people. Our rooms are grouped into four categories: Comfort (25-27m2) with views over the garden or mountains; Family Comfort (31m2 with a mezzanine) with views over the garden or mountains; Superior (30-33m2) with a view over the pool, and Privilege (27-30m2) with a magnificent view over the sea. All the rooms come with a furnished balcony, A.C., Wi-Fi, cable television, minibar, tea and coffee facilities, a safe, telephone and Beach Kit.

Sea View.

The Yemen Saltpans
You’ll find this small enterprise at the beginning of the village. Every year, the salt pans collect 1,500 tonnes of artisanal sea salt, harvested the same way by locals from generation to generation. The salt pans and the shop are open from 8.30am to 4pm Monday-Friday, and 8.30am to 11.30am on Saturday. The entrance fee is Rs 100 for those aged 5-14 years and Rs 200 for those over 15 years old. Kids under five can visit for free! See also Excursions.

Seven Colours Spa
Besides the two pools, aquagym and fitness centre, Veranda Tamarin is also equipped with a Seven Colours Spa, where you’ll find four massage rooms, holistic treatments and yoga lessons. The spa also offers beauty services: it has a manicure and pedicure space, a sauna and a relaxation area.

If you want to enjoy all the water sports the bay has to offer, head to our boathouse or our surf school! If fitness on the ground is more your thing, then you should visit our fitness centre, open every day from 9am to 8pm. See also Cap Dal Boathouse and Surf.

The Bay is sheltered and the water isn’t so deep by the river’s mouth, which makes this spot the perfect place to start surfing, kitesurfing, water skiing, kayaking and bodyboarding. Veranda Tamarin has its very own surf school (the Cyril Thévenau Surf School) where you can take lessons alone or in a group. You only have to jump in! More experienced water sport lovers can rent surfboards and bodyboards and tackle Dal, or play with the waves on the left side of the river’s mouth. Need equipment? Our surf shop sells the best surfwear and kitewear (O’Neill, Hurley, Habit, Airush, Naish…). See also The Bay and Sport.

All Together Now!
Veranda Tamarin’s a community-based hotel: a place where travellers and locals can meet up, share and enjoy the surf, the bay and the hotel’s atmosphere all together.

During the day, Tribu is your self-service pool bar of choice, serving only drinks; at night, it offers an À la carte menu that’ll take you on a sensorial journey filled with Mauritian spices, from 7pm to 10pm.

Le Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is found half an hour away from the hotel. Guests have two choices: either climb the 556m-tall mountain and admire its breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean, or enjoy the Morne beach and swim in the lagoon’s crystalline waters. See also Excursions.

The View is a bar you can’t miss: savour cocktails, fresh fruit juice and a selection of rums here. With a panoramic view of the bay, it’s the best place on the West coast to watch the sun set! Open to adults only, from 10am to 10pm.

Are you getting married? We have the perfect spot for couples to tie the knot, in a tropical ceremony that captures your love for the beach and the easy surfing spirit. We offer two packages for weddings and vow renewals, the “SIMPLE & CHIC” and “FOREVER”. You’ll have a wedding planner at your disposal, who’ll take care of logistics.

With an average temperature of 22°C in winter and 31°C in summer, the West Coast is the destination of choice for holidays all year long! The coast is also the place where you’ll find the most gorgeous amber sunsets.

Because if you didn’t post it on Instagram, did you really go on holiday? We’ve equipped all our rooms and common areas with Wi-Fi, but a word of warning: it is strictly forbidden to read work-related emails! See also Rooms.

Ye! Man
Ye! Man is the main restaurant of the hotel. It’s interactive buffet in the spirit of the hotel will take you on a flavourful journey of the island and beyond. Open from breakfast from 7am to 10am and dinner from 7pm to 10pm.

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