VLH dives deep into Tamarin

On the 13th of December, some 200 guests, including Mauritian Tourism Minister Anil Gayan, gathered in Tamarin Bay to celebrate the launch of the new Veranda Tamarin. The summery, musical event celebrated the rebirth of this profoundly Mauritian institution.


Breath taking view of Tamarin Bay

The agents, local tour operators and official partners invited to the Veranda Tamarin’s inauguration were welcomed with a “shaka” – a Hawaiian gesture evoking surfing culture – and an anklet symbolising a surfer’s leash. They then discovered the hotel’s new amenities, starting of course with the rooms, but also including the rooftop bar that offers breath-taking views of the bay, the quirky washbaz where guests can chat while laundering their clothes, and the hotel’s distinctively-branded restaurants and bars (the Ye! Man, the Crazy Fish and the Tribe). Throughout the evening, guests sipped the hotel’s signature tamarind and curry leaf cocktail as they listened to catchy music played by Mauritian artists Anne-Ga and Cédric, Hans Nayna, Philippe Thomas and Matsonic.


Veranda Tamarin main restaurant

The Tamarin hotel, a legendary establishment that first opened in 1970 and was added to the VLH portfolio in 2016, has just reopened after a six-month renovation. From the project’s outset, architect Jean-Philippe Piat and interior designer Paule de Romeuf agreed on the need to retain the hotel’s character while highlighting its community spirit and bringing in a rustic-chic style. As a result, the décor features typically Mauritian details (basketwork, tinware, rattan…) as well as colourful murals created by young artists David Lagesse and the Lakaz d’Art collective.


But the Veranda Tamarin doesn’t just look like a Mauritian “baz”. It is authentically inclusive and faithful to its historical roots in Tamarin village – a fact underscored by VLH CEO François Eynaud in an impassioned speech at the launch. While emphasising the group’s commitment to the “legendary” hotel, he reaffirmed VLH’s desire to “strengthen the hotel’s integration into its environment”, notably by making part of the establishment open to the public, ensuring the spirit of surfing remains omnipresent and “keeping the jazz spirit alive” as a tribute to saxophonist Cyril Michel, its previous owner.


Privilege room at Veranda Tamarin

With its 116 rooms, three restaurants and as many bars, two swimming pools, new Creole-style spa, gym and meeting room, the 3-star hotel offers a wide range of activities and simple pleasures that are deeply anchored in Mauritian culture. And with its focus on new encounters and shared experiences, on community and creating opportunities for guests to meet and mingle with Mauritians, Veranda Tamarin is prouder of its roots than ever.


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