VLH stands in solidarity in Mauritius

With Mauritius in lockdown and the VLH Group’s hotels temporarily closed, the Group is actively enhancing its anti-food waste strategy. It is currently creating a system to allow guests to donate food to local social enterprise Foodwise, and which will come into effect as soon as the Group’s hotels reopen. Read on for details of this ambitious new initiative.

FoodWise, a key VLH partner

Social enterprise FoodWise specialises in recovering and distributing surplus food to non-profit organisations. Since it was first launched in 2018, it has distributed over 67 tons of food (equivalent to over 250,000 meals) to around 60 NGOs across Mauritius.

VLH Group hotels have worked with Foodwise since 2019 and are committed to preventing food waste. Surplus food – all of which is still fit for consumption and collected in accordance with strict hygiene procedures – is delivered to non-profits whose beneficiaries live close to the Group’s hotels. These include the Leonard Cheshire Home in Tamarin, the Fatima literacy school in Triolet, and SAFIRE (Service d’Accompagnement, de Formation, d’Insertion et de Réhabilitation de l’Enfant) in the south of the island, to name only a few.

This year, VLH is deepening its partnership with Foodwise by asking its guests to contribute Rs 100 (including VAT), per person and per stay, to its anti-food waste campaign. Guests can choose not to contribute, but can also donate more if they wish. FoodWise will receive 100% of these donations. “This initiative reflects our group’s commitment to positive hospitality,” explains Thierry Montocchio, CEO of VLH.

Covid-19: a time for generosity

Shortly after the Mauritian government announced a lockdown in the country, the VLH Group offered two of its hotels – Veranda Grand Baie and Veranda Palmar – to the government for use as temporary quarantine centres. The Ministry of Health has now taken over the premises, and no VLH employees are currently working on site.

In this time of crisis, VLH is also offering assistance, in the form of food, to local NGO Caritas. So far, more than 300 kilos of non-perishable food items have been collected from Veranda Resorts and Heritage Resorts hotels and transported to Caritas’ “Lakaz Lespwar” centres in Solitude, Tamarin and Bel Ombre. Around 100 vulnerable families identified by Caritas will benefit from these donations in the coming weeks.

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